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Skincare stuff! Things I'm hooked on currently.

I am sooo happy that #DrJart's Cicapair line is finally out.

I tried all the items in the line and they are not the cheapest products, but if you have sensitive/reactive skin or occasional flare ups, this is something to check out.

My fave 2 products are Night Re.Pair balm and Re-Cover Cream. The balm comes in little sachets cos they contain no harsh preservatives. It's a silky somewhat thick clear balm that you smooth over ragged skin overnight like a sleeping mask.

It didn't clog my pores.

The whole line uses centella asiatica, a healing soothing plant extract, to calm and reduce inflammation. I personally like the sachets cos they are portable and great for healing flaky areas. If you want something less thick the regular cream is nice and cushy too.

As for the Re-Pair Cream it's a weird green cream that looks like a color correcting tint. But it rubs out and settles into a skin tone. There are days when I will JUST use this as corrector on flushed areas or healing zits.

Hence why it's my fave out of all the products in the line.

Re-Cover is one of those things you smooth on in selective areas and you kinda get a sneaky "better than no-makeup" look without having to put concealer on.

Not cheap but the jar is huge and you only use a little.

PLEASE don't apply this all over like face cream. Dab in spots and blend out. Otherwise you will probably look like you have an ashy green face.

Another thing I've been using a lot lately is this Therapeutic Sulfur Mask from Peter Thomas Roth.

This large jar is $71 but I like it because I LOVE sulfur as a spot treatment - my skin responds much better to it than Benzoyl Peroxide (typical acne creams like Oxy) which acne bacteria can build up resistance to over time.

And this works as an overnight spot treatment too. I will dab a tiny bit over a spot and leave it overnight. (Don't use toothpaste; sulfur is much better.)

If you have combi skin or just occasion spots, this mask will last FOREVER.

I used to like this old sulfur mask from Proactiv but they have discontinued that in Singapore so I was happy to find the Peter Thomas Roth one. This is far less drying and has a higher concentration of sulfur as well.

Another weird thing I am using now (which I never was interested in previously) is AlphaH's Gentle Daily Exfoliant. If you have thin, somewhat sensitive or dry skin but still want to reduce clogs and blackheads or just boost radiance a bit, harsher exfoliants like AHAs and glycolic acid products etc might not work.

The only thing left in enzyme therapy! This is one of those fruit enzyme peels except it comes as a powder. You squeeze a bit in your palm, add a few drops of water and apply.

You get this thin white liquidy paste that you rub into your skin for a minute. I usually just rub for 15 secs and then leave it on while I shower.

The enzymes activate and then remove dull dead cells from your skin by breaking down the sticky bonds holding them to your skin surface. They don't attack living cells like acids can, so you aren't as likely to get a sensitive reaction if your skin is quite delicate.

AlphaH is an Aussie brand with pretty interesting products. Just not much hype.

AlphaH is only available online on and isn't currently on shelves.

The surprise hit for me was this #KateSomerville Wrinkle Warrior Eye. This is a new product which is I think only launching some time Aug or Sep.

And I am NOT an eye cream person. Many of them give me reactions or milia. And most just don't really do anything in my experience.

But day-um I really like this! It's a light gel texture - no grease or milia. And for some reason it does seem to brighten and freshen my dark shadows. It won't get rid of pigmentation of course.

But for the dark purple shadows from poor circulation and lack of sleep or bad lifestyles, this seems to be able to temporarily get reduce it and freshen the eye area.

The WEIRDEST thing I tried recently has got to be this neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask.

Gurrrrls... if you've ever tried LED red light therapy at aesthetic clinics to repair, firm and heal skin, you MIGHT want to look for this cos it's $119.90
It's a lightweight battery powered mask that you can use for 30 x 10min sessions. After that you can replace the activator for $49.90. (Double checking the official price.)

Much cheaper and more convenient than sessions at a clinic I have to say.

You put it on like sunglasses LOL. And then you lie back n listen to music for 10mins. You will detect bright lights even behind the goggles but they pretty much protect your eyes if you use them properly. I almost always doze off by the end.

You can apply your whitening or repair serums or uncolored cream/gel masks before using this and it helps with healing and absorption. The first 1-2 times I tried it, I was like "mehh".

But after about 3-4 uses I did notice my skin looking more radiant.

The Fine Fairness Light Mask is sold exclusively online only on Lazada, Guardian, Redmart, Qoo10 and Watsons fr Aug.

I've been working out daily, occasionally while it is still sunny, and I am not eager for pigmentation to return after my yellow laser. So I have been using this every other night to boost skin repair. And I think it actually does make a difference.

$119.90 works out to $3.99 per session. COME ON NOW! And if you replace the activator it is even cheaper.

Definitely already on my re-purchase list.

I'm down to 23 sessions now and I am already semi-panicking about "running out". Zzz.

That's a skincare fanatic for you.

But I love that brands are working with doctors and coming up with at-home devices that regular people can use for skin maintenance without shelling out big bucks all the time. There are light devices from SkinInc etc as well but this is the most affordable so far.

And it just happens to address the things I am most concerned about right now. Uneven pigmentation and "beginner's" loss of firmness.

P.S. If you buy it on lazada just make sure you buy it at the listed price $119.90 as there are some people selling it at marked up prices.

Silly me 1 was so impatient I almost placed an order for an activator thinking it 1 Aug. Luckily I took one more look at the vendor name and realized it was not Neutrogena Sg.

Speaking of suncare, I am back in love with my #Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense. I am slathering on the sun protection like a mad woman y'all. It is so hot outside!!

And I realize I prefer these lotion-y textures rather than the silicone-y ones like the cult Shiseido SPF50. Just because these don't contain alcohol and silicone (which give that slippery dry-touch feel), and work better under my makeup personally.

So now I reserve the silicone-y ones for my neck chest and arms.

Sunblock sprays are MY LIFE now. I have 3 in my cabinet, 1 on my office desk...

These are a godsend in the middle of the day when you need to go out in the hot sun. Ladies that high SPF you applied under your makeup in the morning is probably no longer active by 1pm. You need to touch up. And matte sprays are the only way to do it over makeup. And these are quick to spray over arms neck and chest too.

Altho everyone inevitably starts coughing after I go zzssssssssshhhhhh with my can.

My Ettusais one is running out and I have the Sunplay one waiting in the wings.

I will test anything as long as it says matte, goes on non-sticky, and has SPF50, PA++++.

Nothing less than PA++++ thanks. Not about to waste all that laser and skincare with low UVA protection. (UVA is what damages collagen, if y'all need a reminder. UVB is what burns and causes pigmentation. Both are not nice.)

Oh the can here in my office is a jumbo 150g cannister of Biore lol.

I am not playing. HAHAHAHA.

And I actually prefer them affordable so I won't try and "save" product.

I mentioned on Instagram that I am really enjoying the #LANEIGE Fresh Calming range.

Besides the lychee fragrance everything just balances hydration and freshness so nicely for this muggy hot weather. Even tho I am dry, I don't want to weigh my skin down in the day, and this line keeps things comfy.

Usually face wash is not something to mention in skin ranges but I really like this non foaming gel. Everything from scent to feel.

I also totally love the toning water. A few drops splashed on before the serum will keep oily skins fresh but not overloaded.

The whole idea behind the line is delivering water and soothing combination skins while helping it to rebalance itself and not over produce oil.

But if you really want to just test the heavy hitters in this line it would have to be the serum and morning mask.

The serum has higher concentrations of active ingredients so its the best test of whether the line suits you.

As for the Morning Mask, this is an odd thing. It's a wet mousse that is a little like Shu's UV Underbase.

A lotion + primer type product that forms a film over skin to help lock in moisture while also reducing oiliness in a sense. You feel a film when you just apply it, so let it set and really dry before you apply foundation if you don't want to affect your makeup formula. I do also suggest skipping a separate primer if you use this.

One odd thing:

This made me so "matte" that I had trouble applying matte long wear foundations on top.

I absolutely could not spread my KatVonD Lock-it and UrbanDecay All Nighter properly when I use this range. Which is in a weird way why it would prob be fantastic for combi/oily girls.

My skin just doesn't have enough moisture on its own and this mousse forms a film that also minimizes oily breakthrough for me.

If you've used it let me know if you had a similar experience!

One of the skincare items that I run through pretty fast usually is face cream.

I need something on my face after washing or showering. Otherwise my skin feels super tight. And the one I've been using up the past few months is the Fresh Black Tea Firming Corset Cream.

This feels so fresh even though it's also plush enough to moisturize. Not greasy and doesn't sit ok skin like a thick heavy film. If you have normal to slightly combi-dry skin this is a lovely lovely option.

I will be running out soon but as usual I will be moving on to testing different things. But enough to say that I bothered to stick with this and use it up even with all the things I try on a monthly basis.

Now Genefique is an old classic.

I use it off and on but lately I've been using it a bit more regularly. I'm just into probiotics in my skincare, because it not only strengthens skin but also reduces bad bacteria.

I think probiotics are generally good for anyone struggling with inflammation and breakouts. Some people are known to use fat-free Greek yogurt (anything unsweetened and low-fat if you have oily skin) on their face a few times a week as a skin mask. I've yet to try that.

Another probiotic product I mentioned on IG is #TooFaced HangoverRx 3-in-1 spray. This setting mist has no alcohol so if you find the usual UrbanDecay All Nighter too dry or harsh, you can look into this.

It smells lovely, has a good sprayer (you get a mist over your face, not a jet of water in your eye) contains no alcohol, is hydrating but still has binding ingredients to help makeup last, AND it has loads of probiotics. I can usually skip setting spray but I've been using this religiously.

This only launches 19 Aug and I already worry about getting a backup bottle before I finish mine. Another item that is definitely on the to-repurchase list.

And that's it for my long skincare faves post this month. Will be doing a makeup edition soon as well!

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Monday, 31 Jul 2017

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kimberlyteo (avatar)

kimberlyteo Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the Kiehl's sunscreen contains silicone! I remember seeing some variations of silicone (probably dimethicone or one of the "cones") in its ingredient list!

1 year ago

makeupbox (avatar)

makeupbox @kimberlyteo actually I'm pretty sure does! But it doesn't feel slippery and that's what why I like it hahah. It has a lotion texture and a slight moist finish on the face. I don't mind silicone in my products actually. Just that many of the usual blocks seem to not sit well with the foundations I use.

1 year ago

kimberlyteo (avatar)

kimberlyteo Do you mean the foundation balls up into little bits? Does the Kiehl's sunscreen not do that despite the silicone content?

1 year ago

mylinhhh (avatar)

mylinhhh I'm guilty of not reapplying sunscreen throughout the day because it will mess up base and face makeup... I need those matte facial SPF sprays!!!! 😱😱😱

1 year ago

selina06 (avatar)

selina06 Where can I find the sunplay uv mist?

1 year ago

wanthengy (avatar)

wanthengy Which is your favorite sun spray of all!

1 year ago

livefully (avatar)

livefully Any updates on the neutrogena mask? Interested but the price tag and the limited usage puts me off a little.

1 year ago

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