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My Emergency Skincare for Rashes (UGH) and Hair Spruce-up at BLOW+BAR

Waaaaa rashes!!!
I HATE it when I get them because your face gets bumpy flushed uncomfortable and red.

Then as it starts to die down the layers of cells die and go rigid and start peeling off in sheets. Which is the time when it feels itchy and tight and no makeup will sit on top because every flake becomes visible any time any pigment goes on top.

Recently decided to try a pore minimizing toner that I used to love and my skin must have changed quite a bit because after 2 uses rashes came.

If you happen to experience this or you have somewhat sensitive skin in general, you should know the key thing is to be very gentle with your skin. Cut out any acids or exfoliants (scrubs etc) for awhile until your skin heals and thickens back up and you are more or less past the active peeling phase.

Here are a few things that helped me tide through the last flare-up in about 3 days. Some are old faves that I always pull out when I need TLC.

If you have any gentle toner or treatment water that is anti-inflammatory or soothing pull it out and splash on with your palms.

Ditch the cotton pads. Wastes product and causes extra unnecessary abrasion across skin surface while your face is still raw and sensitive.

I usually don't pull out my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence until my skin acts up cos this is when it works best for me.

When my rashes have just started this is usually the emergency product I put on 2-3 times a day.

It's the Red Alert Serum which you can find on I've used this for years whenever I get rashes etc. It is a dry oil with a medical compound that takes down and minimizes inflammation quickly. I use this AS serum.

But use it only when you have redness or inflammation cos it doesn't do anything for normal skin obviously.

When skin transits to the point where it feels a bit "tight" is the period right before it starts peeling.

This is when I switch to Clarins Skin Beauty Repair. You guys have probably seen me mention this 1000 times too. This is a light oil that is very soothing and helps soften the surface layers of skin. I use this and let it sink in before a face cream or sun block.

It delays the peeling stage so you can cover your face with makeup still.

Next comes the moisture. You do need a slightly thicker cream as a moisture barrier when you have rashes.

And if they have specific ingredients for sensitive skin then even better. One newer product that I've found really good was Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream which contains Blue Camomile (there are a few varieties and the blue one is one of the more precious and something to choose over regular camomile if you buy essential oils for topical application).

This leaves a light moisturizing film over the skin that helps reduce that itchy tight feeling and prevent more irritation from temperature changes or dryness in air conditioning. It also has a soothing cooling feel.

Another is La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5. Before bed or if I'm just sitting at home, I will rub this on as a final step and let it seal everything in.

This is a thick gentle balm with 5% panthenol that soothes and protects. It's ALMOST like diaper rash cream. I might be wrong but I believe this CAN be used as diaper cream. I use this on the most itchy and sore areas and it acts like a temporary barrier.

But if you have very comedogenic clog-probe skin this might be slightly too thick.

When the peeling is at its height, there is almost no makeup that can cover everything. In fact the more you apply the worse it looks.

Sometimes to make things look better I just apply concealing under the eyes and try not to put foundation or CC cream anywhere on the flaking areas. It actually looks kinda normal and less obvious when you don't apply anything with pigments. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness does sit a bit better than other products. Pat don't rub.

And do NOT powder.

As a barrier repair cream when skin is no longer "rashy" but still peeling, I go with a very light layer of good ol' Creme de La Mer.

And no, Nivea in the blue tin doesn't quite feel or work the same when I have rashes, even tho some people consider it a dupe.

I don't know what it is but the combination of ingredients in this does help stop subsequent layers of skin from peeling so the flaky stage is minimized for me. You can continue using the B5 Baume instead of course.

I just want a little extra TLC and pampering so I reach for the La Mer. The Soft Lotion and Soft Cream work too but I find the classic cream is the best at creating that thin flexible barrier over broken flaky skin surface.

You don't slap it on though - that will probably make you break out. You rub and warm a tiny amount between your fingers until it dissolves into a clear texture and then you press press press it over skin to deposit just the thinnest film over the surface.

Haven't been wearing much makeup the past 3 days but I've definitely been playing with stuff.

I'm back into bright matte lips and I'm going nuts for the Shu Supreme Mattes again. They have that sheer-matte texture that doesn't build up opaque the way MAC mattes do. This was one thing I used to dislike about them cos if you try to build up they start to look patchy.

But I've finally gotten into that sheer matte "petal lip" look the past year.

Aside from the Shu Supreme Mattes, another thing you should definitely look out for are the new MAC Eyeshadow x 9 palettes.

I was a bit shocked when I swatched them cos the first series they came out with were a bit hit n miss. I've seen complaints about them being poorer quality than the full size shadows. I didn't really find that to be the case - I thought they were all equally lacklustre.

But they must have switched factories or formula cos these new palettes are DABOMB.


Look at the pigmentation and the vibrancy of everything. I mentioned the Year of The Rooster palette worked a lot better than older x9 palettes and seems it's not a one-off fluke.

And yes these are finger swatches - not brush. (Ain't nobody got time to clean 100 brushes in order to swatch 36 shades y'all...) But honestly the only diff to me is fingers pick up more pigment, so this is what you'd get packing on 2 coats of shadow with a good brush anyway.

Methinks MAC has recently been trying to step up their game. Quietly.

The palette shadows are feeling better than they did a couple of years ago. And those new liquid lipsticks are VERY different. I have a few of the older collection which I never use cos some of the shades are patchy and just don't look good.

The new series of colors tho! Bellissimo.

I've been quite happy with a lot of the recent collections and releases.

I am totally addicted to Lip Scrubtious pots and bought Vanilla and Brown Sugar. YUMMMMEH.

I might just go buy more.

I compulsively apply these like balms, do a couple of cursory rubs on my lips and then lightly lick the sugar off. (I'm hopeless.) You are left with a very thin lightweight conditioning balm like layer that preps your lips for makeup.

This is not like Dior's Lip Sugar which is more functional. (Exfoliates better, less residue.) But it is yummier, cheaper, and - well cheaper.

Vanilla is always the first to sell out but try out brown sugar if you like that toasty caramel-y type flavor. This reminds me of the old formula Brown Sugar Scrub from The Face Shop.

They changed the formula about 3-4 yrs back and it's never smelt the same. 😤

And I've recently gone hog-wild for multi-chrome nails.

I find when I use clear builder gel as a base coat on a smooth nail surface, I can just peel off my manicure after a week or so when I want a new color. If you do it like the salon and rough up your nail surface first the builder gel will cling like superglue. So keep it smooth if you DIY and wanna change colors more often.

I was out shopping at Watson's and the cute cashier girl suddenly asked "Are those chrome nails?? They're so cool!"

Made me LOL a bit. She looked like she had seen a unicorn.

But yes - I'm hog-wild for blue-violet chrome right now. I think I might be moving on to emerald-violet next. They're just so cool to look at I want to wear a different shade every day. But my nails would just die.

Check with your nail salons cos I think these chrome pigments are quite accessible these days and many salons would be able go recreate them though the tones will vary a bit from salon to salon.

The difference between chrome pigments is there are:

Basic metal shades (usually silver, white gold and yellow gold) which go on one strong color and look like liquid metal. Can be applied over black or a bright shade.

Multichromatic shades that are not quite as metallic as the above (but still more metallic than regular polish) but have the added benefit of shifting between 2-4 different colors depending on angle of light. Applied over black for best effect.

Speaking of salons I'm sitting at Blow+Bar cos my hair needs serious help.

I always go for super long gaps between hair visits. Need to change that. The last time I colored my hair was end-2015. No joke. My hair's happy to have been left alone, but I'm not happy when I see the strands of silver. Seriously tho!

I blame my super stressful second-last job for causing a massive increase in silver strands. I used to never have ANY before that.

I actually don't mind keeping it very dark (this actually looks lighter than normal cos of the lighting in the cab) cos it does allow me to wear more dramatic makeup.

Yes - if you have pale to light skin your hair does affect the range of makeup you can wear. My having dark hair, light skin and somewhat brighter irises gives me Winter Clear coloring according to the Color Consultant I met in Seoul at the LANEIGE Sparkling Beauty Bootcamp last year.

So if I want to wear light or no makeup, she said I should go with a softer lighter hair color to tie in with my skin and eyes.

But if I want to keep my hair dark, I should wear more vivid or dark makeup colors to balance out my hair.

So today I've asked stylist Chantel to pick out a rich but deeper raisin brown so my hair color is lifted but I can continue to wear strong makeup colors when I want to.

She also gave me a trim and added a bit of subtle bleaching for more color dimension.

Of course I'm sitting here getting fascinated by Kevin.Murphy hair chalk.

How cool are these??? Lol. I need to try hair chalk one of these days. It's like makeup for hair.

Those little pods though. So cute!

They are called Color Bugs. And they almost look like something out of Harry Potter.

Is it weird how much longer it looks AFTER a trim and a blow-out????

And I apologize for the shapeless mess it was before. I really am terrible at styling my own hair. Need to kidnap someone to be my live-in stylist. Or maybe I just need to consider one of Blow+Bar's permanent blowouts.

I always wanted those loose tousled curls that don't actually look like a tight perm. Has anyone tried their signature blowout perm before?

If so, thoughts?

Can I has dis hair wen I roll out of every morning? Pleeez??

Sigh - nevermind. I just usually steer away from perms cos usually they still look like perms no matter what the name says. We'll see. Color and trim is good enuf today.

I think getting hair done on Monday is great because it doesn't cut into your weekend, the salons are not crowded and you feel armed to face the rest of the week. But that's weird Candice-logic.

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Monday, 20 Mar 2017

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traumend The chrome nails are the bomb! Perm hair are so hard to maintain >_<

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