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Happy Mothers' Day plus BPAL spreadsheet

Hi all, BPAL Group Buy spreadsheet is up. I copied everyone in and sent an email with the link.

@sassandpunk hey babe I'm missing your email so was not able to send u the link. Let me know in the comments!

Changi Airport The Shilla Beauty Giveaway is now on!

Just stop by my Instagram account @makeup_box for a look at how to enter. The Shilla is giving away a SG$200 beauty hamper!

There's also an coupon code CANDICECHEN for $10 off any purchase of $200. More info on!

P.S. Just a heads-up that there is also a new Hello Kitty cafe open at Changi Airport T3!

You can buy exclusive merchandise like plush toys, tea blends, teacups etc and also enjoy cute Hello Kitty desserts and drinks 24/7.

(Img credits:

Good gracious these are cute. At the very least you get great photo-ops for Instagram or Facebook at the start or end of your trip!

One note on the group buy order form:

Can everyone try to fill in all details by Wed night so we can split everyone into groups and start processing payments etc on Thurs - Sat, then make the orders on Sunday?

If a number of people aren't able to complete by Wed, then can I ask for one more volunteer Coordinator from among the "late-orders" to coordinate among the remaining people just so the rest of the grp is not held back?


In the meantime from now til Wed night, feel free to amend, add to, correct your orders as much as you want.

Hmm - on that note - is the BPAL site down? It's not us, is it? LOL.

I am getting a 504 Gateway Time-out error message so there's probably too many people on there 😂.

I remember once we did this to

Anyway if you are still browsing the forums here are a few options for consideration depending on your tastes

Dragon's Milk is a soft creamy floral. It's not a foody scent - more like some milky soap from Lush. Rockstar + Lust with 30% of the sugar content.

If you've never heard of it, Dragon's Blood isn't a mythical thing. It's a resin from a tree in the palm family. When the trunk is cut a deep red sap oozes out which looks like blood.

And the smell is soft and floral. Quite sweet and light (compared to jasmine and rose). It's often used to make incense but don't worry. There is no smoky powdery smell in resin form.

BPAL uses dragon's blood a lot in their blends and all the Dragonia line contains this. My fave is Dragon's Milk.

They add in a milky note to soften the scent of the sweet flowers (to me it smells like a low-calorie jasmine with a bit of lilac maybe) without making it thick and heavy, and this is one of those scents that my husband said "mmm - very nice" when he sniffed it haha.

I consider it a softer scent. The projection on me is quite modest. Maybe arm's reach. So it's good for work and school.

Many fragrances from BPAL containing dragon's blood have a translucent red tint.

Morocco is another fave of mine. It's a warm, exotic sandalwood scent.

Doesn't smell like the heavy pungent Australian sandalwood (which is a bit medicinal and harsh smelling although it's nice in its own way).

Morocco has subtle spices, resin, musk and carnation to soften it down and make it smell more like Mysore sandalwood. I say "smell like" cos good Mysore is almost extinct. It's been over-harvested in India because it's so in demand and the supply is not sustainable.

In the last 10-20 yrs even the inferior quality wood has gotten very expensive because of irresponsible harvesting in India.

Good Mysore sandalwood smells like fragranced skin. It's got a clean sweet tangy muskiness and really resembles perfume more than wood.

BPAL includes "red sandalwood" as the ingredient but red sandalwood does not have aroma so I assume that is just an accord made up of other notes instead of real red sandalwood.

Now coconut lovers Obatala should be your choice. I don't mean heavy coconut cream pie, chendol coconut milk flavor.

I mean young Thai coconut, chilled in an ice-box before being chopped open for immediate drinking. The scent notes include Shea, but it's not "creamy" to me. Smells more like the fragrant almost floral clean scent of Shea fragrance fr The Body Shop.

Fresh, watery, and not too sweet. Add the clean ocean breeze as you sniff, and you kinda have Obatala.

It's beautiful.

Now THIS. It needs to be smelt to be believed.

Miskatonic University is Starbucks Caramel Macchiato in a bottle. Not Irish Coffee, no dusty books, despite what BPAL describes online.

I'm not personally one to wear coffee scents usually but I'd poo 2-3 drops in a tealight burner so my house smells like a cafe.

This one is seriously fun to sniff and one of BPAL's iconic bestsellers. They do sell a candle version on Black Phoenix Trading Post but I think the fragrance is good enough for me.

Not a top fave of mine but I want to mention it as it smells VERY much like a fragrance that costs hundreds of dollars.

#20 Love Oil does not have notes listed but I smell very spiky spicy pepper, cloves, maybe cinnamon. And there's also a soft sweetness - possibly rose.

Apparently this was a blend of ingredients favored by Louisiana courtesans a few hundred years back. If you don't like spicy you won't like this. But if you want something floral and quite daring this is different.

The scent it reminds me of is Frederic Malle's Noir Epices, famously scent guru Luca Turin's favorite of the exclusive perfume line.

#20 is less flowery in my opinion. More spicy. Which is good for those who find strong florals "old-ladyish". (I hate using that expression but those who use it will immediately know what I mean.)

For those who want a luminous green tea and verbena scent check out Shanghai.

It's not a loud scent and it won't last the way some if the ambery patchouli or resin scents will, but it's still better than sprays in my opinion.

I'm a jasmine lover, so usually there is no such thing as too much jasmine. If yoy live that note too you will love Nyx.

NYX, the Greek Goddess of the Night (not the makeup brand) is jasmine, jasmine, jasmine. Night-blooming jasmine, with a little rose and myrrh for depth.

It's ambery and strong and warm. Reminds me slightly of Tom Ford's Jasmine Rouge but richer and more vavavoom.

The last I will mention today because it also reminds me of another expensive perfume is The High-Ranking Courtesan. This is white chocolate, peony and patchouli.

It's sweet but white choc doesn't have the pungency and bitterness of chocolate notes. It's creamier and once this dries down this smells like Chanel's Coromandel, which is a soft amber and patchouli scent.

High-ranking Courtesan is a 2016 limited ed Lupercalia so it won't be available after sold out. Sadly u can't buy an Imp of it.

Coromandel is more patchouli heavy, so if you often wished the sweet amber had been stronger you might actually prefer the BPAL.

If you miss it this year there is a chance BPAL might bring it back again next year from Feb onwards but - no guarantees.

The dark evil sister to High-Ranking Courtesan is Raw Cacao Chestnut Honey & Patchouli.

This is a patchouli bomb. Honestly for the first 10mins I could only smell 99% patchouli. It's medicinal dark and sappy. The cacao is not a sweet chocolate at all. It is dark and bitter and dry.

The honey and chestnut? Barely there. My bottle leaked in my box and I got the thick sweetness then but on my skin this is 90% bitter. The honey and chestnut came out more after 2wks aging.

This is an evil bonbon.

If you've ever sniffed Serge Lutens' legendary Borneo 1834, and you like that, I daresay you will love this.

Because it's got the dark patchouli smoked up with a bitterness from the cacao but not the weird camphor "medical tincture" smell of Borneo 1834. (Camphor is what gave 8 Hour Cream that pungent smell people hated.)

I never bought Borneo back when it was still available cos I couldn't stand that camphor note. This bonbon took me a week or so to adapt to - but this I can handle.

Day 129

Sunday, 8 May 2016

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bertillawong Hi babe!! Was wondering if I can still join the spree? If so my email is!! Thanks :)

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makeupbox @bertillawong sure I'll send u the link!

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bertillawong Thanks so much!! 😊😊

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gimmycamy Sorry to be at the ends of this, but if it is possible, I'll love to pick up something from this spree!

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Jothedreamerz Can I still participate in this spree? My email is thank you!:)

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makeupbox @gimmycamy sure whats your email add? @Jothedreamerz @jumpforjoy I'll forward the link to you guys. 👌🏻

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ESTELLA Hello, please may I join? My email is

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geekpaws Am I still in time for the BPAL groupbuy?

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bauhaus Hi, can I still join this? My email is , sorry for the inconvenience!

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