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June 2019

the future is so scary. decision makings r so scary. the other day Z & I were talking bout the upcoming Nov BTO at tamp. I have my uncertainties if we could afford since he’s still schooling and i’m.... just yoloing my life n money away (i’m never good at saving btw). on top of that, if we really got a unit, we need prob have to get engaged/married in the time frame of 3-5years. it’s like..... are we ready???!?! financially i would say no but deep down i am low key excited🤦🏻‍♀️

May 2019

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really very thankful for you. you’ve been the best you ever can be to me and i’m really glad to have seen you (or us) grow. my sister asked if i am getting bored of u already and my answer was a straight up no... i can’t get enough of him lol yucks so gross but it’s true😭 kinda sucks too cos if anything were to happen to us, it’s def gna take a long time for me to get over n heal.we grew so much together as an individual and as a couple. picturing my future w u makes me so genuinely happy.

i’m too in my head

February 2019

bloody hate days like today. slept at 2am thanks to the milktea, woke up at 9.45am for 1 case at 10.30-12.30pm. reached home at 1.30pm, had lunch and netflixed till 4.30pm. napped till 8pm feeling lost & unproductive af. and cmon... it’s a TUESDAY, not even weekends yet i would love this in the past but now i’m just like what the fk u don’t waste ur time away like this😭 is it some time anxiety shit sobs

that day Z randomly asked me what’s the country i really really really wna visit and i replied US. and he said “ok let’s go there for my grad trip” HOOOOOOOMAAAAGAAAHHHHHHHHHH hahahhahaha can’t bloody wait for him to graduate alr😂😂😂 probably gna be there for at least 2 weeks man!!!! so many places to explore☺️

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we have our problems and one very worrying problem is our differences. think it could be a major part cos it’s either gna make or break us.last night we vaguely touched about this and i swear it hurts how i’m so scared and worried. most days i’m perfectly ok but last night wasn’t one of “most days”. ofc i have my insecurities that will hit me once in awhile and badstuvvv, not good man. my initial thoughts when dating this man was.... freak, how do we progress we are so different.

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