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February 2019

that day Z randomly asked me what’s the country i really really really wna visit and i replied US. and he said “ok let’s go there for my grad trip” HOOOOOOOMAAAAGAAAHHHHHHHHHH hahahhahaha can’t bloody wait for him to graduate alr😂😂😂 probably gna be there for at least 2 weeks man!!!! so many places to explore☺️

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we have our problems and one very worrying problem is our differences. think it could be a major part cos it’s either gna make or break us.last night we vaguely touched about this and i swear it hurts how i’m so scared and worried. most days i’m perfectly ok but last night wasn’t one of “most days”. ofc i have my insecurities that will hit me once in awhile and badstuvvv, not good man. my initial thoughts when dating this man was.... freak, how do we progress we are so different.

January 2019

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4 more days till i can spam eat all the CNY goodies. I CAN DO THIS💪🏼

have you ever felt super happy but you’re scared to express it out just cause sometimes it’s too good to be true? or you’re just afraid that shit will happen right after you thought life’s pretty good? cause that’s what i’ve been feeling for quite some the point where i’m having troubles sleeping and also... frequent nightmares. just last night i dreamt that Z & I were arguing☹️inner peace inner peace where are you

sometimes i see skinny girls on insta and i just feel so shag. because wtf man?! they can get abs/muscles showing so easily because of high metabolism rate while i’m just here trying to shed off the LAYERS of FATS before my muscles can be seen. true blue meaning of what they say.... sometimes people have to work 10x harder just to get what some people get with maybe half the’s ok 2019 will be a better fitness year i hope 😩

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