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tbh tho, who cares?

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and i still miss you

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everyday i am thankful to be able to have you as my lover

May 2019

the book of life is briefand once a page is readall but love is deadthat is my belief—i have been thinking for a while- perhaps it is my unambitious nature- but i dont really need anything else but what i have. i dont need luxurious lifestyles money can buy. i wont be able to bring them to my grave. i think i would be much happier in a job that i love instead of a job that pays.

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Forever grateful for my lover who loves me as I am 💖🙏🏼

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as someone who wakes up everyday with food as my motivation, this whole fasting month has been incredibly challenging for me. what more with the sweltering heat in this city, it makes me more inclined to just faint out of hydration with each standing minute. and yes. how about the interrupted sleep at 4 ams, having to shove food down your sleeping stomach. and having a stomach ache shortly after, emptying some of your stomach space. but by then, it will be too late to replenish

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