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updated 1 month ago

Hi everyone,

Just a note that I came back today to read your comments and to write a proper farewell note. I’ll leave this post up (along with all your comments from the original post) for a couple more days before removing it completely.

- For those of you who have been following me for awhile, I’m sorry for disappointing with such a mean-spirited and seemingly out of character post. While most of my points remain, I could have written a more objective post and worded it more carefully. I’ve always said that my Dayre experience was enriched by you - my readers (not fans, not followers, but friends - online or off), who are logical, sensible people who will never hesitate to call me out on my wrongdoings.

I asked that you kept me in check if ever I took up sponsorships which benefitted myself only, or if I was being mean, proud or unpleasant. You did just that this week.

- If this was the first time you were reading my Dayre, I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to be better acquainted. I’m sorry for riling up emotions with my careless words.

Dear Dawn,

When I apologize, I mean it fully. But I’m also keenly aware of how apologies (no matter how sincere) cannot be fully accepted if the person’s intentions or actions were not fully explained or understood. I would have written many things differently if time had permitted, but most of all I wish I had better explained each point.

You may not have known of a few dayreans years back, who got into trouble outside Dayre because they were too carefree with their words/sharing in this seemingly closed and safe environment. I’m sure you’ve come to realize that writing here is very different from writing on your main blog, in part due to the active/engaged reader base.

It is both a blessing and bane - we could be empowered by their energy and sometimes get carried away.. as I feared you may have in your recent posts - even if you had started with the best of intentions, you probably got lost along the way.

I shouldn’t have suggested you “leave”, when really I had meant I hoped you’d go slow on the posts which rile up public emotion (this isn’t an explanation in hindsight or in defense - they were both the same terms to me then, because I saw these strong posts as an extension of your Dayre personality, not writing them equated to not writing at all..) and I had suggested that doing so would be for the benefit of:

- your blogging career - because you’re clearly good at writing about personal finance, these “expose” posts may negate the good you have going on in the finance posts. I suspect you may have felt the same way when I realized most of your non finance posts were kept to “Dayre only”.

- for your baby - this is definitely not a low blow. When I was pregnant with my first child, a particularly difficult staff who got into trouble everyday would tell me “don’t be angry with me ya, later your baby look like me”. It took strength to walk away from her everyday and think only positive thoughts.

Old wives tale or not, now should be the time to be resting well and staying away from less positive thoughts where possible - I couldn’t see how writing any of those exposes was good for your emotions. You may question my sincerity now or find me hypocritical, to which I can only say, when you become a Mum, you will realize that no matter your differences in opinion, you’d wish nothing but the best for another mum’s child.

Should our paths cross outside Dayre, I hope for the chance to listen to you and understand better your POV.

Once again, I’m sorry for the hurt I have caused you.

Here’s wishing you a smooth (rest of) pregnancy and delivery.


Day 140

Sunday, 20 May 2018

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Nomnomrotimonster (avatar)

Nomnomrotimonster Waiting for someone to talk about this! I know you are not done writing but thank you lynn.

1 month ago

polkypocky (avatar)

polkypocky Hi lynn! I love the expression of “ of the internet” and it’s exactly how i feel too. Missed reading your posts

1 month ago

happenstance (avatar)

happenstance You are my queen♥️

1 month ago

thegirlwhogrowls (avatar)

thegirlwhogrowls i think you should put a note when you are sponsored. it is unethical not to, as "obvious" as it seems cos not everyone can differentiate. and for people who write reviews for goods and services that are paid for 100% from their own pocket, it is unfair and muddies the waters for consumers when you write the same kind of review but do not state that you were sponsored. i have had people ask if my post was sponsored when it was not. so please do to avoid any confusion :)

1 month ago

huiling5 (avatar)

huiling5 give u many likes and thumbs up!!!! u r back. heart u 😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

1 month ago

meimabel (avatar)

meimabel lynnnnn is back!😍

1 month ago

judiff (avatar)

judiff I’ve always been a silent reader of yours and thoroughly enjoyed your posts and thoughts on various topics. I’m very neutral on this situation as I can see both sides without bias. So the thing I want to bring up is - isn’t it a bit uncalled for to ask her to “leave” for the sake and well-being of this community? Obviously need to put a disclaimer (🙄): not attacking you. But I don’t see how you can ask her to leave. Especially when you yourself say that you barely even log onto this app anymore. If it doesn’t concern you, who are you to ask someone to get off a platform you don’t even use?

You also mention that she should leave for the well-being of this community, but have you read the comments of her readers? A lot of people actually appreciate and benefit her bringing forth her concerns.

1 month ago

tengreentoes (avatar)

tengreentoes I fully agree with @judiff - nobody has the authority to ask anyone to leave. And if there is something you don’t enjoy reading, then just click “x” to close to app, or unfollow her. Everybody has a choice, and nobody is forcing it down anybody’s throat.

Same thing as how people are jaded reading sponsored posts with shady disclaimers. Many of us don’t cry foul, we merely just unfollow the person, skip the post and go on with our lives.

1 month ago

thegirlwhogrowls (avatar)

thegirlwhogrowls yeah la. if anything asking her to leave for the sake of her baby is low key bullying 🙄 like you know better than her what her baby needs lmao

1 month ago

untraceme (avatar)

untraceme Oh Wow. Isn’t it such primary school behaviour to chase the girl you don’t like out of the classroom? 🙄Would you be happy if your child were to be asked to leave by one of her peers for airing a view that SOME (not even the entire class, mind you) disagree with?

1 month ago

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