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August 2018

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!!!!!!!!! you make me drown in happy tears, serenade me with all the love you can offer. you make me feel like i am the luckiest hooman alive!!!!! 💛

doesn't matter because it's enough to be young and in love---------i wanna be yung around you forever!!!! when all of this is all we ever ask for - a companion, a confidant, a warm blanket.........

July 2018

weirdly warm and soothing......... your soft, tender voice and occasional chuckles will be the reason why im enamoured, enchanted, and absorbed the past couple nightsthey have been so good it has been forever since i've felt this tight, close, understood, joyous, cheery.......... all is a big bear're so good to me thank you

i felt it. i felt it today. the way i felt about him a year and a half ago. i thought a feeling like this only belonged to one person but i felt it with another human today. someone save my heart.

June 2018

Woke up feeling a looooooong dread

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Unadmittedly i have been on a dry run for the past two months because the words just! wont! flow! I mean unless it's with some form of pressure (aka school) i havent been writing much.And it's sad! I used to scribble a ton, think a lot, have a lot to say but regimes and schedules have reduced me to silence.

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