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September 2018

你和我一个样,从不把关心别人放在嘴里,更不会用行动来证明.. 你很倔强,一直到最后都不愿意向病魔认输。即便身体的疼痛已经无法负荷,还是一直死忍到底..我佩服你的意志力,你的耐力。也谢谢你的倔,让我们大家都可以有跟你好好相处的《最后一次》。虽然最后还是病魔战胜, 也对你的离开依依不舍..但是,我永远不会忘记,看你最后一面时,你脸上挂着的那笑容。虽然痛苦,但是你却是很安详的离开..对不起,今天在火化场,应该笑着送你走,我却没用的嚎啕大哭。你是我最亲的家人,我没办法不掉一滴眼泪..

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等待.. 是痛苦的。

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Omg. The Ryan is damn cute I cannot!! 😍

I am blessed to be in these family. #SiaKohLow

Its strange. I wonder is it because we stayed near, and because of my little cousin, that I felt this isnt easy. I can’t think further, 50 years may seems really long but compare to a lifetime, it isnt. To be able to live, it’s really the best blessing you could ever ask for. Stay strong.

August 2018

I don’t fucking care what kind of hatred you had with your ex husband. My uncle time is limit, and it might be the last chance for his daughter to see him. Don’t you fucking feel you are mother fucking unfair to her? You are the mother, but have no single rights to stop your daughter to see your ex husband, who is also her fucking biological father.

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