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Today marks the first day we tried working out with a personal trainer!

We've grew horizontally after our wedding and I'm currently at 82kg (1.5m height btw T_T) already! Not that I was thin before this..But I guess we both agreed that enough is enough. We need to start taking care of our body as part of our TTC journey. (Cricket still sounding in ma womb after 1 year plus haizz)

We tried going to gym on our own but it wasn't productive and we duno how much more to push ourselves.

So we managed our finance and squeeze out a sum to hire a freelance personal trainer to do a couple workout session with us.

Verdict: He was good and that's what we needed.

I can safely say I did not workout so hard in my entire life. Our first session just now gave me a bad acid reflux and I vomitted. Right before that I felt so dizzy and seeing stars over my head hahaha

Thankfully our trainer was so nice and smiley and encouraging.

I was afraid he wouldn't believe me when I say I cant go on. So when I was at the edge of just passing out, I was still contemplating whether to let myself pass out (to make it believable ya know) or talk to him hahaha

Kayzz I'm just a dumb dumb

So I did talk to him and say I can't go on anymore (we've only done our first set of workout..Like literally just the first 15mins T_T). He knew what to do and what's happening to me. He asked me to lie down and breathe.

And he encouraged me to just vomit if I have to. And I really had to so le hub held me and brought me to the ladies to vomit (err I didnt make it and vomitted half way when we were walking to the washroom lol).

Right after that I felt so much better and could go on until we were done for the day! Didn't know human body can bounce back from that kind of suffering so fast. (Because I have never ever worked out so hard in my life so....such knowledge is error 404 for moi).

My muscles are sore all over but I really look forward to our next session!

And I really really hope for the first time in my life I can lose some weight.

Sometimes I can't fathom why I need to suffer for that when I'm going to just gain all that back if I become preggy. But duh..If I don't lose weight in the first place I can't get preggy haiz vicious cycle max.

Anyway I'm hopeful (because we spent so much money and the fat gotta go ok else not worth #chineseInMe) that we can do this.

Now my first world problem is..When I get up in the morning..How do I get down the stairs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Homegirl here has her muscles all tensed up and my legs are practically jelly now.

All the best to me!


Day 157

Wednesday, 6 Jun 2018

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jesstea (avatar)

jesstea Jia you! It’s the toughest in the beginning !

7 months ago

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