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updated 6 months ago

I've finally muttered enough courage to leave my current job to join a new place. It took me 5 years + to do this hahaha. I really hate changes and I have been so anxious about this the day I decided to take the new offer.

So anyways, today's my last shift. It's kinda bittersweet in the sense that I had an argument with my work bff and something funny happened but I couldn't laugh about it with him. We then made up but our last day working together was gone just like that 😂

We are still doing the weekly gym with our trainer. I didn't weigh myself at all (because afraid of failure ><) but my friends did say it's obvious that I have shed some meat.

Every time after gym my body will ache so bad and will only recover a day before the next gym session. I can't even sleep with that pain T_T

And oh this episode of #produce48 (ep11) is the best so far because my OP (one pick) aka Sakura is now at the top woohoo!

Please please please keep up the voting momentum! Next week she must debut as center or I will........

Ok not that I will do anything (other than crying..wait..I will cry either way), but dun treat me like this Kay my heart can't take it 😂😂😂😂

Hahaha this gotta be the most random post

Day 237

Saturday, 25 Aug 2018

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sgrmse (avatar)

sgrmse congratulations on the move! it's not easy but it'd be worth it. 🤗 more power to you!

5 months ago

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