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Goodbye Sing*** 1

Gonna be writing my last words (before I leave the company 😂) to each of my teammates here so that I can copy and paste during my last day hahaha. On the P.S part I will write about the ugly truth 😏

Dear XB boss,
Thank you for taking me in to the team! Ever since our interview session, I have looked forward to getting the job and work with you. You sounded great and you made me felt excited about this opportunity. Thank you for listening to me and encouraging me. I wish you all the best!

P.S. You can be the most qualified manager for your technical knowledge (that we didn't get to witness lol) but you are one of the lousiest manager I have ever met in my whole life. You have imparted a terrible work culture that 'working extra is expected/good' while it is not the case. You did not stand up for us for the ridiculous workload we have, did not fight for us for the compensation we deserve, because you truly believe whatever extra we did was expected of us. What you didn't know is

working under you was a living hell and we've never felt so burnt out in our lives. We worked without support and direction. In fact, I have only met you during interview and a meet&greet that I wasn't even supposed to be at. You've never interacted with me personally after I have come onboard. I din even know that was possible. That I could just be transparent to my reporting officer. My heart rejoiced seeing you and the team grovelled for me to stay. Oh, you know I was good after all?

Ok although you sang praises of me probably just to make me stay, because me being the first person in the entire project to leave is painting a bad picture of your team, but it's still fun and nice to hear it hahaha. You made me doubt myself every single day, on whether or not I am good enough or strong enough, if I am then why couldn't I stay. But I also know that if you were a good enough of a leader, you would have made sure I stayed on track. I derailed because of you. I'll need to spend

the next n-time of my life telling myself I REALLY AM GOOD ENOUGH because of you. Please stay, you said? Thanks, but no thanks.

Dear Priya,
Thank you for all your support all these while. I know that you are so so swamped being on the front line and still have to hard carry the whole team. I could never do what you are doing my whole life. You have the most amazing willpower I have ever seen in my whole life. I regret that we never get the chance to connect personally. I would have loved to know you more and build a relationship aside of work. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

P.S. I truly mean it when I said I regret not getting the opportunity to know you more. Because you are one of the hardest thing I would had to fathom my whole life. From the side that you've shown to us, you are way too swamped that you have become bitter, toxic in your words, and absolutely unhappy. And yet, you've stayed in this company under the same environment for 14years. H O W ?
Yes, you are one of the strongest female I have ever known. No, I do not want to be like you, at all.

And I wish you to be happy becoz I really think you are miserable. I should reconsider to stay, you said? Thanks, but no thanks.

Dear Sampath,
Thank you thank you thank you. I can never say thank you enough. I know all the times you have gone out of your way to just help me out. You could have just do your job and walk away, but you didn't. Almost everything that I have learnt here, was because of you. I don't think you can even begin to understand the great amount of gratitude I have for you.

To be cont..

Day 351

Monday, 17 Dec 2018

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