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- celebrated CNY with le hub the first time as a married couple and gave out our first angpao

- celebrated our first year wedding anniversary and 10th year of being together. So thankful to grow up with him and go through stages of life together.

- understood for the first time that work loyalty, dedication, performance, and being current are not enough when my fav senior was retrenched. It was truly heart breaking yet eye opening.

- started looking for new job actively

- attended a couple of job interviews, and never heard back. But some of the questions asked made me think.

- heard the rumor of contract may not be renewed.

- at the same time, received offer from singhell. We prayed about it every day and believed that it was a timely offer (even though I would have to take a paycut). Accepted the offer and resigned from the company I've served for 5 years plus.

- new job required me to travel by public transport for 5hours to and fro. It was a period of great challenge for me

- work is absolutely horrible. There are unspoken expectation of us working extra with no compensation in any kind. The work itself is easy but the volume is crazy.

- after my first week of being the standby person (24x7 support for 7 days. I dun think I've slept more than 10hours combined during the entire week), immediately started looking for new job.

- with God's grace, landed on another offer before the end of my probation period. Tendered my resignation and caused some hoo-haa in the team.

- after the resignation, all the praises and beggings came. It was great for my self doubt. I knew I was good enough but didn't know why I just couldnt find the strength to shut up and work extra like others. They confirmed I was one of the best they've had.

- said goodbyes to my colleagues and left. It was hard. I liked all of them.

- Had a two weeks break before I need to start work at my new workplace on Jan. Focussed on interacting with le hub and in laws.

- Anxious but excited about the new job. I've learnt so so much from singhell that I can appreciate lots of things that I would normally overlook now. Thankful for the pain and suffering I've had for that four months. Truly a “Thank you, next” moment.

That's about it.

Happy new year! It's gonna be great!

Day 365

Monday, 31 Dec 2018

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Sunorchid (avatar)

Sunorchid Happy New Year 🍾❤️🥂

2 months ago

loveylynn (avatar)

loveylynn @Sunorchid ❤️❤️ Happy new year to you too! it's gonna be great 😊😊

2 months ago

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