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Loves life! It's great to be alive and well :)

February 2018

Don't think I'm gonna export my posts to WordPress. Just gonna start anew 😂😂😂

Going home to Ipoh with the husband! Asked bestie to buy Hai Di Lao soup base packet for me hahahaha

So exhausted from work and this project that was given to me :(Everybody tells me I would learn alot and gain alot in the end of this project. But I ain't seeing the end of it yet! :(

Let's savor every last bit of this space and post about random things like how I used to be.Well..About work.Haiz.With the rising commitment, I am really eager to get a good raise. Unfortunately it's not happening if I stay with my current company.I've tried to look for job but to no avail. :(And work here is just. ZzzI don't practice quitting when things get tough. But when I'm battling my own war here and my bank account balance remains low, it is really discouraging.

I have started posting here since the very beginning when all the bloggers I followed microblogs here. It wasn't like I was posting anything meaningful or wat..It was just bit and pieces of my thoughts or things I wanted to let out of my chest.And I don't really read back my own posts because past is past and my language is just terrible I can't even enjoy reading my own pieces hahahahaha.What I love about this space is that there are so many real stories that inspire me

Can't believe this. :(

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