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Loves life! It's great to be alive and well :)

December 2017

我也好想置身事外。。好想有一种,“哦,还好不是我身边的人。。” 的小确幸。。可是这却还是发生在我身上了。。真的好心痛。。真的不敢相信。。真的很对不起。。看不出你的呼喊。。没有试着去了解你。。钟铉啊。。很想念你怎么办。。怎么就再也看不到你了呢。。啊。。。。


June 2017

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#produce101 Season 2 is the most disappointing season ever!! (Although there is only one season to compete with lololol)I hate ajy and mnet with my guts! Seriously?? No Kim Samuel???In Season 1, top 3 was almost certain and it got people hooked on the show because most bet on Somi and she won. This season's ranking fluctuate like anything there is absolutely no way to tell who is going to debut or will be the center! (Except for Park Jihoon lol his fan base is strong as hell)

March 2017

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@teddiedebbie this is that China version of Lego wtf wtf but let me just say it's perfect for my intellectual age wtf too dumb for anything more hardcore than this

January 2017

我真的觉得小女生们之间的那种亲密又隐隐勾心斗角的关系,老娘真的是hold不住了! 😂😂😂 英文会比较贴近我的心情 "I'm really too old for this shit!" 我们的现代人生跟以前的后宫生活真的没什么两样 ((后宫如懿传中毒读者就是我😂疑心啦..莫须有啦..我的天啊大家就不能打开天窗说亮话,双方坚强一点宽容一点,然后吵完就move on吗?真的有那么难吗?😂😂现在的我真的很珍惜细水长流的感情。❤❤

This is hands down one of the most epic & vivid horror story of my life. Please don't be disappointed though 😂. Becoz I will only hear horror story from friend's friend (2nd degree experience) but this is my friend's experience and I was there! So 1st degree experience! #proud No ghosts involved or anything. Boo. But it was really strange! Hear me out ok hahaha ok here goes.So our gang moved into in-campus hostel during the beginning of our second year.

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