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Loves life! It's great to be alive and well :)

June 2018

Today marks the first day we tried working out with a personal trainer!We've grew horizontally after our wedding and I'm currently at 82kg (1.5m height btw T_T) already! Not that I was thin before this..But I guess we both agreed that enough is enough. We need to start taking care of our body as part of our TTC journey. (Cricket still sounding in ma womb after 1 year plus haizz)We tried going to gym on our own but it wasn't productive and we duno how much more to push ourselves.

May 2018

Ok now please please please be determined enough to write down the bits and pieces of my coming Redang trip!! I am so sick of myself for not committing into finishing up my travel diary! Day 1 tomorrow ok!

March 2018

Omg don't think that I was this stressed for a very long time! My last stressful period was before the wedding 😂😂😂. I've forgotten what stress is like and now I'm really so overwhelmed with work stress T_TI've been assigned a high visibility project which tied to several highly critical applications. And I have zero knowledge on how to execute this.I felt like I've come a long way to where I am now but it's still not enough!

February 2018

Don't think I'm gonna export my posts to WordPress. Just gonna start anew 😂😂😂

Going home to Ipoh with the husband! Asked bestie to buy Hai Di Lao soup base packet for me hahahaha

So exhausted from work and this project that was given to me :(Everybody tells me I would learn alot and gain alot in the end of this project. But I ain't seeing the end of it yet! :(

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