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May 2019

如果有一天 我回到从前 回到最原始的我 你是否会觉得我不错?Today as I stood alone in that traffic light, with so many thoughts rushing through my head, I really wanted to cry, reflect much more deeply than before, and make a pact with myself.

I was reading a new account that I followed recently. The girl has been writing interesting stuff and gaining popularity quickly.Though her content was somewhat entertaining, there was something that didn't sit right with me.Why is it that the comments made about guys are taken so lightly, when if similar content were made about girls, everyone will go, omg stop objectifying women!Google taught me a new word today - "misandry"; the opposite of misogyny.

Fking pissed.All I ask for is yall to take care of your health, stop with self destructive bs because that is the LAST THING I would do to yall.But yall really have the hearts to just go breaking my heart left and right. Fuck yall sia.

Sometimes I pray that I will be miraculously let off... let me get off the hook. I'm so scared 😭

April 2019

On personal vs societal responsibility, I've always felt a personal moral tension with them. To what extent should/ could we empathise with the perpetrator, while siding the victim?It's a tough question because what is wrong is wrong because some harm has been inflicted on another party and that is something we have to condemn for sure.At the same time, it is a dangerous mentality to single someone out and along with a big crowd, try to destroy this person in words.

It's important not to waste my days...How to fast track my life....How to face the shame within me....How to turn out different than my family....How to carve out my own path in life....Ah tough questions 🤯

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