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Mostly happy bits.

May 2019

Wedding dresses are so beautiful and ethereal. Was scrolling some on IG from Truly Enamoured. Would I ever get the chance to put on (and pull off) such beautiful dresses?

Last exam of my life tomorrow (hopefully)!! Idk how is the paper gonna kill me tomorrow but just gotta brace myself. Bellcurve pls exist. 😂

Down with gastritis, 2 days before exam. Thank God I'm feeling so much better after a night's rest and fam taking care of me. Time to chiong for my papers tomorrow!

So close, yet so far.

It's funny how we're all hoping to find a forever/happily ever after in a person even though our ideal future isn't guaranteed. I guess we try. Thoughts about modern dating:

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An introvert like me + dating around doesn't really work. That's why it sucks when a potential (already hard to find to begin with) slips away so easily.

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