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A bitter bitch 45020

April 2019

I feel like I can't breathe.My throat is tight.I am on the verge of tears.But I'll keep it in.

Saw this story on IG about monicabaey where a fellow male NUS student filmed her while she was bathing.And NUS and the police are not doing anything serious about it.It's really damn scary?

Got a shock of my life.Today, I was scheduled to go in to work only in the afternoon and in the late afternoon, I have a meeting with a client.On the way to work, I receive a call that the client is here?! I nearly died.Moreover, I wasn't the one who scheduled the meeting. It was my boss. 😶

Sigh. I really want a dog. But i dont know if i can commit and have a change of lifestyle.

I might be staying here.I feel like there's a lot that this community has to offer. I might stay and become a semi-anon.Anyways, for those of you leaving and wants to remain in contact with me,I'm @/fightagainsttide on IG.DM me with your dayre user to be accepted ya?Thanks!

I'm so fucking done with this project and my partner.I feel like smashing my goddamn bloody fucking laptop.And hide at home and not deal with this motherfucking bullshit.Haven't even pitched and get approval from Director.Event in 5 1/2 months.Kill me now.I am a ball of nerves.

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