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April 2019

With the announcement from @blog I think that quite a number of dayre users might not continue? If there is not as much content to read in the future, there is no point in continuing dayre. Even if it is a gated community, it's kind of pointless if no one is writing haha. I think I generally log on to dayre more to read than to write. I do enjoy writing but I don't have as much time to write so I will only consider using if I get to see other ppl's posts.

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Sephora buys


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Actual Day Photography

My wedding is almost a year ago! Haha. I'm going to do a review of my wedding photographer. I didn't see a lot of his reviews around so I guess it would be good to show some of his work.

I saw the news on Brunei's Sharia laws. The surprising thing is that people are so quick to zoom in to the anti-homosexual portion and magnify it. "Stop gay discrimination!" They say. But... the laws also include stoning adulterers and rapists? So what about these people? Adultery is so prevalent these days. It's universally accepted as "wrong" but people are quick to justify reasons for adultery. Rape is definitely wrong but does the punishment fit the crime?

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