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Life is short, heels shouldn't be

March 2019

Bahahahaha. I wanted to continue to post yesterday but we went out and came back too shag to continue when i have 101 things to do! This March... 🔸 ended my 28 days confinement - had brown rice for 28 days lunch and dinner! i nvr really get sick. Guess I really love carbs 🔸 brought babyE out alone to the polyclinic. Super love konny for the lightweight and also easy wearing. Thanks @thelittlesteps for buying sharing of shipping! Love the Dayre community! If not i would nvr know abt Konny!

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Happy International Women’s Day! 💝Women is so amazing and can really do ANYTHING if they put their mind into it. Nature just made us this way. Ever since me becoming a Mother i nvr knew i could be this strong and give so much love for my little human. Had to give up sooo many things! Like my precious sleep. Hub and I really love to nua and sleep. Before BabyE arrives, we always take naps in the noon during weekends. And can still sleep at normal time during night! Lol

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Importance of having a Confinement Lady

Last night I finally get some decent sleep ever since i birth. Ok no #momguilt cause i wake up feeling fresh and calm. BabyE has been fussing since 8 plus pm to 1am and i have been carrying her, cuddle, swing, rock, feed change diaper, feed again and change somemore diaper she still doesn’t want to sleep!! My arms and back almost broke after all the hrs of carrying - not forgetting i just had my dressing fully removed on Fri. So i can still feel the stitches along my wound.

February 2019

Little girl sleep for a 4 hours stretch from 11pm to 3pm! These days she’s been very cranky during the day, after her bath say like 10 plus am. She would be screaming to be carried or not sleep even after fed, cuddle, swing and diaper changed. Gave in to giving pacifier to her and it soothe her for a while before she starts being cranky again... why baby why?? But she slept super soundly through the night. Cause too tired from fussing during day time?

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Day 16 PP | Day 14 confinement

My dear girl finally dropped her cord on her 15th day of living! The part that connects me and her is gone now and she’s officially surviving as her own tiny human form. #dayremummiesOmg feeling abit emotional. Maybe the post pregnancy hormones? It’s been a long way... with the tiny life formed inside me and we went through the 9 months #dayrepregnancy together. Feeling your kicks and rolls inside. Having you out of me till the full 40 wks and now your cord dropped.

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