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First day of school done!!

> Attended my first 4K module class. Hol, everyone look so smart and a huge percentage of the class are from my previous module.


> Met up with my GE mentor with Nahidha 🙂 Guess that’s the end of the journey with GE after I return my pass next week!

> Went back to NUS to crash Nahidha’s room before Clare’s budget meeting!

Oh and can I mention that today was one of the suay-est day cos I met two person I would totally not want to meet at the same building?

> Person A was this work mate I worked with back when I was in secondary school at Starhub 😂 All I could remember was him always sending messages or talking to me and I tried to find ways to avoid him lol. So when I saw him in the office I acted like I forgot him and waved to my friend and mentor enthusiastically. Lol rude but im sorry I can’t.

> Here comes the next one:
It was xx’s ex gf 😦

Well I don’t know if she saw me or even recognised me because she entered the lift I was in and turned around to face the front (normally). Idk about how people would feel under this situation but my inferiority complex acted up 😕

I remember her as this super charismatic senior (still is now, and even better) from my club. And yes, she’s like the typical raffles place OL (sorry for stereotyping) dressed super classy in heels, and with her curvy bods that is so damn attractive. While im just standing at the back of the lift looking like a potato wearing a cheap ass tank and a denim skirt 🌚

Not seeking for validation from anyone, but it makes me wonder (again) the huge jump of choice from her to me 😂

Took me quite some time to digest that when I first started to date xx now im back to the same question again. But okay nvm don’t think so much HAHA people may have alr long got over her r/s with xx hahaha im just overthinking.

But yes that’s me 🙂

Day 14

Monday, 14 Jan 2019

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