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20km Trekking?! 🤯

Been dragged out for dinner after a long & tiring day 😅

Sitting in the library while waiting for dad to be done with his readings.

(P/s: i feel ‘uncultured’ for taking a seat here and not reading a book hahaha but I really can’t feel my legs anymore NEED A SEAT BADLY)

Woke up at 5:10 am because WL jio-ed me to join a 21km trekking event her bf organised 🤣 Idk what and why I agreed to haha.

We walked from Caldecott station to McRitchie reservoir and then towards the Tree Top walk. Surprisingly the climb to tree top was easier than the previous time I went?

Made it here! 🙌🏻 Not so tired at this point of time.

Commemorative photo that we’re here yay.

And then we walk a really really really far distance towards Singapore Quarry. Saw the train tracks along the way!

And more ulu walks.

📍 Singapore Quarry

Finally! 😍 Not a very nature person but i’m quite amazed Sg actually have like cliff walls and lakes! Reminds me of Pocheon Art Valley hahaha sorry for the comparison 🙊


Ended the trek at The Rail Mall and we had Springleaf prata! #dayrefatties #dayrefoodies

I finally understand whats the hype about the prata here cos its damn good 😂


Saw this as recommended by NOC and whow it‘s legit damn nice? Super cheesy and filled with chicken & mushrooms yummms.

Typical touristy shot ✌🏻

Err kinda failed self timer but thanks westies for bringing me here 🤣

Oh and I’m finally at Beauty World Centre to try the mee hoon kueh that’s highly raved by WL hahaha.

Verdict its legit good haha i love the chilli cos of the fiery kick! 😋 (Sad that they don’t have MHK today ): )

Checked so many places that I’ve never been to today 😙 But don’t think I can do this often my body’s damn nua now.

As of 2:30pm I clocked like almost 20km walk 我的妈呀 🥳

Day 47

Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

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