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εˆδΈƒ- δΊΊζ—₯οΌπŸŽ‚

Thanks WL and Phil for the belated present that arrives nicely on my ‘bday’ (hurhur) 😏 Very interesting customised quote board with my pic lolol only WL knows where to find these kind of thing.

And this! πŸ₯° Am I the only one that don’t know Innis Free has this collection oops.

Yearly #TCK reunion dinner and it was jt turn to host 😁

Little jojo so behaved when there’s food haha how not to feed him?

Steamboat AGAIN. Still not sick of steamboats yet I think I can do it a few more rounds? 🀣

And YAS because we finally found a new favourite ‘sport’ tgt 😭 I still don’t know how the dice and money works but its alright slowly slowly.

(Ft my epic winning last round ystd πŸ₯³)

εˆε…«- 🍊8️⃣

Some Peranakan food for lunch today. Feels like atas cai png lol.

Lion dance in the office!

Not very good impression for my first time being up close to them cos all i could rmb was them asking for promo codes and angpaos lolol θΏ™η§δΈœθ₯Ώ not paiseh to 掏 meh 🀣

But ok touch for good luck 😁✌🏻

Pressure to find a good summer internship is real πŸ™ Been procrastinating on all the job applications and I finally sat down for a good 3 hours to review my resume, retype cover letters and start sending out applications.

2019 is so tough sighs.

Day 43

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019

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TehWithMe (avatar)

TehWithMe Mahjong sess jio please!

1 month ago

littletreebum (avatar)

littletreebum I don’t have mahjong at home though HAHA @TehWithMe

1 month ago

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