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Wah who is this so handsome!! 😍

Went for a ex-colleague's son 1yo party! And suddenly realised my so isn't as sociable as we thought.. he don't have issues going to school (choi choi choi) and settles himself in pretty quickly with whenever he reaches school. Like take a toy or crawl around or interact with other babies. So we thought it would have been alright for him just now.

But nope!!! He stared and stared for the whole time. Lol poor baby. 😥😥😥 (literally like this). Other babies came crawling to him but he turn away.

Then when he warmed up after a decade later, the other babies went away already. Lol... He is alright when we carry him and people smile to him. He loves it. Don't know he will be so shy! Aiyo...

My husband says we need to bring him out to interact more. 😂😂 ok. Time to sign him up for gym class 😆😆

Day 82

Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

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