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Hugging my baobei to sleep so that he can sleep longer.

He has been waking up a 630am for the past few days and ended up very tiref + he usually dont nap well in school due to noise and light. (FYI, there is no way to "train" this. Some babies just can't)

His teacher even called us this week to inform us that he scratched his forehead 🙄 because he woke up from his nap angry.... lol. When he is still tired but cant get to sleep, it's very scary one.

All the hair pulling, neck and head scratching...super super cranky and agitated and rolls around and flip like prata + screaming. Practically like a baby hulk if overtired. 😂😂

Baby hulk still good mood before I alight. He stared at me after that. 😨

Day 74

Friday, 15 Mar 2019

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joyceteh (avatar)

joyceteh Yeap! My baby can't sleep if it's too noisy too. Her gong gong told me that I should let her get used to sleeping in noisy environments. How to train her to do that if I can't even do that? 😑

1 month ago

littlebreadhero (avatar)

littlebreadhero @joyceteh It's our babies own individual preference and character. Cannot train one. Google also says so. 😜 My dad also jialat. Told him many times to
lower down the volume of the TV. Keep telling me must let him be used to it 🙄 End up my dad angry because he say he can't hear anything, watch what?!? lol. Thankfully I have shifted to my own home already 🙏🙏

1 month ago

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