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Received call from his teacher at 510pm telling me he only drank 10ml of EBM for his 4pm milk feed so they checked his mouth and found a white spot! 😞 Took his temp, low grade fever. So they quarantine him... in his cot. Poor thing. Immediately chiong down from work. He cried when he saw me. So 委屈 ah baobei. Brought him to the pd but it was closed. Blur mama see wrong day so we went home lor. But temperature already went up to 38.6.

Time check: 302amProbably hugging the toilet bowl to sleep tonight. Just puked twice and let out A LOT of gas (burp and fart). Awaken with unbearable tummy ache and cannot sleep after that..I already took MC on Thursday and Friday leh because vomit jialat jialat + stomachache throughout. Eat also pain, drink also pain. Then got better on Sunday, now 又来? If I take MC again my boss might kill me. But... I genuinely not fit for work leh.. 🤔🤔

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Sorry ah baby, crop your head off a little bit. Wanna show you dancing 😅

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Things I do when on mc.... Fix shoe cabinet from scratch because buy from taobao 😅

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Weaning plan

I am starting Jordan on a weaning programme. (Self invented)He is about 9months+ now and I am planning to slowly wean him off the boob... so we are getting the school to start 1 feed of formula milk! ---- which he rejected yesterday. Lol. He have taken formula milk before, same brand no change which he drank like a champ just about 2-3 months ago. That was because he was on milk strike and had a lot of difficulty drinking EBM from the bottle.

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