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Mummy to two bubble gums

June 2019

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Settling in with a heavy running nose and back ache..Moving is so tiring.....

Tomorrow the wardrobe and kids furniture will be in!! Part of me is exited because I can’t wait to see the outcome.And I’m also very very tired now.. been running back and forth to ikea and furniture shop and confirmed all the furnitures.Too bad it’s raya holiday and our dining table and tv cabinet can only reach us the week after.

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I think I will miss sleeping with her the most when we move.Never thought this day would come so fast.. I am happy that I get what I have been thinking of, staying in a smaller place and get to decide what furniture I put in. But leaving the house we have been staying for 10 years is really sad. And the feeling starting to get stronger. I’m wondering how long it takes for us to adapt to this new change.

May 2019

Never would I thought that this day will be coming.Times when I ranted and dreaming how good it will be if we are staying somewhere else or in a condo.So when this really happened, it took a while for me to sink in and accept it.And I was sharing this thought with the husband but he just take it that I’m thinking too much and I should take one step at a time.But that is not what I wanted to convey to him...

April 2019

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This girl has grown up so much.. from caressing my hand to sleep till now she will tell me she doesn’t need my hand and can sleep on her own.Still this is just one small point la she is still as sticky and whiny as a baby.

March 2019

Dunno why this school holiday I felt guilty to the max.So happened we are very busy this week also and we were saying how bored big bubble gum was at home everyday.Her daily routine after she wakes up:Play with helper while I continue to sleepShower then send me off to workPlay a bit with me before she let me offThen watch tv and had brunchContinue watching tv and play with helper while small bubble gum sleepsWaiting for her turn to nap

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