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IKEA // Daessikin // Seoul Yummy

Made a quick trip to Ikea yesterday to settle on the furniture for baby J’s nursery! I can already picture the whole room in my mind!😍Anyway, so we settled for lunch at Ikea. I saw someone eating this lotus leaf rice and my eyes went 😍 Hahahah!So I texted Mr Tan to buy one for me too. He didn’t see the message though. But when he came back. He did buy one. He knew I’ll like. :’)My heart went ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Hahaha!

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29 weeks pregnant // Bkk day 3

#29weekspregnant ☺️Cannot imagine this small bump here is carrying a 1.3kg baby girl that kicks non stop now. :’) I used to think that mothers are very 伟大 because they went through that ridiculously painfully labour process to deliver us. But..I did not take into account of the 9 or 10months of pregnancy journey. Like before baby is born, you’re already worried about her growth in your womb.

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