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The Proposal.

Let me attempt to scribble what happened from point A of the engagement till the ROM.

We were both spending a lot of time together before he relocated to Bangkok. It was an extremely short notice when it came to the finalisation of the actual start date of his job.

Valentines was over not too long ago, where I blew up the epic flat Nic 2.0.

We had our calendar marked for @sarakhoo's home where we were to have a fastfood feast.

He got down on one knee, holding the very gigantic gazillion carats diamond and asked me if I would marry him.

That's me not shocked, or even at awe. That's me covering my mouth because I laughed rather amusedly when he started going down on one knee.

I'm terrible.

And I said "Yes!".

Also I thought that was the engagement diamond. Haha! It went through my head at that moment that he did not have the time and was going to get the ring another day.

That was when he said "Wait, there's a real one."

I did consider popping over to my place to change because I really felt dowdy and wasn't in the best of mood but I thought we're late enough and it's just Sara's house. I'm allowed to wear pyjamas if I want to.

Our usual suspects begun to flow in for this event. We were eating KFC, pizzas and random yam cakes, split juice on the floor, scooped dessert. Finally, after 2 hours, we'd enough of unhealthiness and adjourned to the living room.

Tadaaaa.. Okay it looks like there isn't one. These shots are taken from a video.. Haha!

Please take note of the PowerPoint people.

And so, let's end this post with a short snippet!!

@deeecupps said she've not seen the house and she wanted a tour. I agreed without a second thought to follow her when she asked. I tapped on Nic's shoulder "Hun, you wanna come along?" He decline saying he've seen it before. I retorted "You're just too lazy aren't you?" He sheepishly agreed and asked "But you've seen it too, why do you want to go again?"(On hindsight, it was a bad idea to say this. Ahahha. Living on the edge here I see.)

"I am just going to teman Dee." And off I went.

So we were upstairs, walking in mini circles, Dee almost saw things she shouldn't: Chung Wei's dad in the bathroom. Then we tottered into the master bedroom and the walk in closet. I remembered Dee, Sara and @awendyy speaking about absolutely nothing. I just wandered off into the bathroom and out, when Dee said to me "Linds, I want to talk to you." As soon as she said that, Wendy and Sara said "Okayyy, bye!!" And ran off.

I'm was like "What??" and I followed them too when Dee grabbed my arm.

Us girls always love to think about how our ideal proposal should be but we can't be the ones planning them!!

For me, always loved only two ideas:
1) just the two of us, like first thing when I open my eyes or
2) in an event with our closest friends

And looks like @nicholas has really got this right! This, this proposal is perfect for me, us.

<3 And so we were officially engaged! Then he told us the story of how he asked my parents for permission.

Oh wow, the speech..

The conversation was really strange:

Dee: Do you know how I always talk about my wedding gown?
Me: *thinking "No."* Err, ya? Wait, where did Sara and Wendy go? Why did they suddenly leave?
Dee: Ya so, let me show you my dream wedding gown.
Me: What? How?
Dee: *walks to Sara's zipped up gown, about to zip it open*
Me: The heck?! Can you not open people's things.
Dee: No, I already told Sara, she is okay with it.
Me: But how could this be your dream gown?? It's Sara's!
Dee: Let me show you.

That conversation did not lead anywhere and I kept wanting to leave the room. I didn't understand why Dee wouldn't let me but instead spoke of air.

All I could think of is..

It is bloody hot.

After 15 minutes or so, I said, "Dee, I don't care, I'm going down. We can talk about it downstairs. It's really hot here."

Then she begun to speak to the staircase "Okay fineeeeee, we can go down if you want."

I was thinking, this girl is just so weird. I almost scolded her for holding me back to speak of nothing. Haha. I'm impatient like that.

Down I went, when I saw this..

I'm surprised my parents didn't say "Yes, we would marry you."


Alright next up: The Courthouse <3.

At the edge of the stairs was when I first spotted Nic 2.0 there with the fairy lights draped across, I laughed.

While I was walking towards it, I turned my head, @yuennyyee & @fresh026 were on the couch's head filming me(she insists it isn't obvious).

I knew it is a proposal by then, but I couldn't comprehend the oddness of it. Yes, it's a surprise, I wasn't suppose to expect but still! I didn't buy that it was actually happening.

So I asked "What's going on?" a lot of times. A lot.

Karen and Sara were standing behind the wooden blinds, beside Nic 2.0, legs showing while switching cards that read all of these..

And then..

Day 116

Saturday, 26 Apr 2014

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awendyy (avatar)

awendyy And anddddddd

4 years ago

sarakhoo (avatar)

sarakhoo Hahaha ok la give it to Dee. creativity 100% 😂 @deeecupps

4 years ago

linds (avatar)

linds You ahhhh *smacks* @awendyy

4 years ago

linds (avatar)

linds Hahaa it was so weird I tell you!! @sarakhoo

4 years ago

theelwyn (avatar)

theelwyn Such a nice proposal ☺️☺️☺️

4 years ago

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