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The Courthouse <3.

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@nicholas was about to depart in 4 days, so we thought it would be best to settle the legal documents as we wouldn't know when he was scheduled to come back. When we got there, they told us that we couldn't register any earlier than after 21 days and that we must register within 6 months of application. Also told me that since my IC stated Selangor and his, Kuala Lumpur, it would be tedious to register and recommended that I switch my address.

When I told my parents I changed my address, they said I've to now ask for permission before I eat anything in the house.


We opted for a courthouse registration because we liked the idea of a quick, intimate, rather a secret ceremony with our parents and friends as witnesses.

Since we weren't too sure when we could register, we choose a date in a month time! I think we'd the #waitwhat concept.

And so, I begun to hunt for a dress that was suitable for a courthouse. There was no theme as you can see from the hangers I picked.

I loved the white deep V, however it was ill fitting.

So while @nicholas was busy scouting for our home in Bangkok...

I was looking for our wedding bands! I love shopping however shopping like this, it's such a big decision!!

It was like Nic gave me a verbal credit card and said "Go nuts."

He didn't.

But I did anyway.

My dress was going to be a surprise for him as well as the final bands. As for Nic, he said he would like to make a specific shirt as well for the ROM since I was getting mine. I told him to go for a Thai collar and to make it seem like a dual layer, dual coloured and a napoleon cuff.

It came out handsomely.

Our rings are from Love & Co. When I went to purchase it, I changed my mind for Nic's ring and I got it with a rock. Never thought I would!

Now he can't say I never got him a diamond!

We got our ROM dates finalised. It was 4th of April 2014. We thought, hey what a coincidence (Chinese parents? Erm.. I tried hiding it away and emphasised "It's this Friday").

So two nights before The Morning, @deeecupps and I went for a good hammam scrub. We made a pact to avoid at all cause 'accidentally-looking-at-each-other's-bOObies'. I successfully did it, she said she did too, but I'm not confident.

The night before, I couldn't stop myself from getting the Mr and Mrs cover from Kate Spade. They even have Mrs earrings!! Sadly, their stock is delayed. So only the cover!

Since @nicholas' flight was due at 12am, my mom decided to do a dry run on the hairdo while I stared at my outfits & accessories. As you can tell, she's annoyed at me moving. Told me to sit still countless of times.

Oh that red eye? I jabbed my eye with my cutting board. Don't ask why or how, I just did. Hurt awfully bad!

The next morning, I walked into the courthouse with @nicholas holding my bouquet, kissed me to greet, told me I was beautiful.

Then our friends, Karen, @deeecupps, @sarakhoo, extra ecstatic @yuennyyee were armed with cameras snapping away. Dee handmade that gorgeous bouquet and Maren ran off to grab those balloons after the ceremony.

Love them.

We sat down, checked our documents, made sure we wanted to do this.

Walked into the room, we were formally walked through the procedure, said our "I Do's", placed rings on our fingers and sealed it with a kiss.

Oh and the signatures as well.

That ends the tale of our ROM. And @nicholas and I are legally husband and wife!

We're now in the midst of planning our wedding receptions. We've got to pump up the speed! Last minute won't do us good!

There is nobody else I rather be smiling stupidly with.

<3 @nicholas.

Day 117

Sunday, 27 Apr 2014

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antzz (avatar)

antzz hehehe Linda why all d dayre stickers so ngam u wan! purposely made new ones for this ah! hehehehe

3 years ago

isleepalot (avatar)

isleepalot So naise to read. Go on go on continue! ^^

3 years ago

linds (avatar)

linds Hehehehe!! No lah. Good variety right! @antzz

3 years ago

linds (avatar)

linds Finally done!! Hope you like it!

3 years ago

yuennyyee (avatar)

yuennyyee I very cool meh 😞😞😞 I also very excited lo πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

3 years ago

antzz (avatar)

antzz gehe this is so sweet!!!

3 years ago

theelwyn (avatar)

theelwyn This is really nice and sweet!! Wow its been so long but finally its all good 😊☺️😁😊☺️

3 years ago

frozenyoghurt (avatar)

frozenyoghurt Congrats! That's a real sweet tale of your ROM journey. Looking forward to more update for your wedding reception. πŸ˜„

3 years ago

marklai (avatar)

marklai Nice room with the bathtub

3 years ago

isleepalot (avatar)

isleepalot Omg I love the way Love & Co packs rings. My brother also got his wedding bands there. Hehehe super sweet entry, Linds! ♥

3 years ago

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