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January 2019

Week 2 Day 4half way there

Day 3 of 21checked Half way done for this week, cant wait for Friday to come so I can wake up later on weekends. Took the cough tablet before heading to bed last night and instead of feeling drowsy I was more awake than before! Why should thing happen to me? 😦

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Day 1 of 21checked! Dragged myself to work albeit being feverish, popped panadols in the late morning and feeling much better now. I pray that I will recover when I wake up tomorrow 🙌

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Running a fever after having some symptoms for the past few days. Down myself with lots of water as i cant afford to take mc...

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Cravings satisfied after not eating this for the past 2 weeks. Going to 日日红 for lunch has become a weekly routine for my colleagues as everyone loves mala as much as I do. Am glad, for sure 👍👍

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Start of 2019, start of new chapter. Back to reality after a long break since 15th Dec开工咯..Resolutions fpr 2019:⚓More TAWG⚓Start saving and cut down on buying clothes⚓Spend more time with my family

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