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April 2019

Slanted walls and ceilings and beam..This is something new to me during the renovation journey. As a result, my appliances, lights and even some carpentry is slanted. Can’t correct much but to live with these imperfections.So jarring to the perfectionist in me >_<

March 2019

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Carpentry Woes #dayrehomes

Feeling disappointed with carpentry finishes. Can anyone see what’s wrong here or is it only me?? #dayrehomes

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Is this acceptable? I find the colour contrast too big.. help! #dayrehomes

February 2019

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Arrival of my beloved dishwasher..This is the most exciting item that I look forward to and was exploring its function.ID said must remove the top cover to hide it within my carpentry. He was explaining something about the feet, and I asked, where does the feet come from?🤣 seriously, how would new homeowners know these things? LOL! Progress is slow, but largely due to my schedule and decision-making! Still got a few more items to buy.. Jia you!

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Bye Starhub! Hello m1!Have been checking out the new mobile plans before 1 Feb and enticed to switch telo and upgrade handset.My iPhone 6s has been giving me problems and sketchy 12GB 3G network was the last straw. Fell in love with huawei p20- so chio! But went back to old habits of iPhone XR. Will learn to love my new Hp better.. pls give me steady hands so that I won drop it! M1 corporate plans rock! 35% discount wor!! Total data is 35 GB!

Goodbye StarHub! Hello m1!Today I made my mind to switch telco and change hp.Using iPhone 6s for the last day, and 3G 12GB plan. My network has been real scratchy in the last month, with no service at random times of the day.So I made the plunge!

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