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July 2018

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What a crazy week.Just finished facilitating 3 days of training and I was so wiped out, I barely made it to my Grab ride home from work. Had to lie down for a good half hour on my bed the moment I reached home. Age is really catching up.

자세히 보아야 예쁘다오래 보아야 사랑스럽다너도 그렇다풀꽃 | 나태주You have to look closelyto see that it is prettyYou have to look for a long timeto see that it is lovelyYou are the sameWildflower | Na Tae Joo

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I’ve never really had problems motivating myself for work, but man, these days the struggle is real.When I was a junior staff, just out of school, I thought then it must be nice to be management - just sit and make decisions, not much need to do actual work, make your minions do everything for you.

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Met V today after my barre class and we popped by Chunky Lobsters. No queue = lobster rolls for lunch!

By most measures, I am quite good at what I do. I hold a fairly senior position at my age and probably more responsibilities than my counterparts.But I also work very, very hard.I’m not a showman and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t stand out in a crowd, but I’ve built a reputation for getting results and getting things done. So it rankles when people assume I was lucky and got an easy ride.

June 2018

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Signed myself up for Guavapass since my KFit package is ending. I quite liked it for the price but a class pass package is just much more flexible.

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