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March 2019

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Hey, Google 👋

Me: Hey google, set timer 90 secs. Google home: Ok. 90 secs starting now. 10 secs later. Me: hey google. Time left. Google home: you have 80secs left. Another 12secs later. Me: hey google, time leftGoogle home: you have 68 secs left. 8 secs later...hey google, time left. 15secs onwards, hey google, time left. X seconds later, hey google.... hey google...HEY google..HEY!!😫 HEY! Finally, I went hysterical and in my last ounce of strength, I blasted: HEY GOOGLE, CAN YOU BE FAST??!!

February 2019

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Shortening the Hermes Evelyne bag strap

Sometimes I wear my Evelyne, messenger bag style which is what it is supposed to be. But many times, I prefer it to be shorter like a shoulder bag yet I do not like using a twilly for that purpose (I have a tendency to create problems for myself). So I have been using an an unorthodox way I thought of to shorten it and have been frequently asked on how I did it. Since I’ve been asked by @chervan , I decided to post it here.

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Au Naturel

Unlike the majority, I hardly ever decorate my bags. I’m not a pervert but somehow I think the beauty of the bags shines through best when they are ....naked. 🤩😙 *wolf whistles* Or maybe I just innately like clean lines & minimalistic style. 🤷🏻‍♀️ My simple taste (mind?) finds the jiggling of multiple charms on a bag too cluttered and distracting. It mars the beauty of a bag. I do like bag charms though...ironically just not on the bags !!

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