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August 2017

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What is this.In over a week, my stomach grew so much bigger. And my weight went up too!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… By 0.5kg in a week.So I'm going to be a little more conscious of what I eat on weekdays now. Weekends, just enjoy lah.Haha I keep telling myself to go for the "healthier" choice, like fruits + nuts + soy milk instead of turkey egg croissant for Breakfast. Or to have noodle soup instead of chicken rice for Lunch. Lets see how long more this can last.They say the normal weight gain is 13kg..

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I'm hungry.But I had 1/2 a packet of hokkien mee for supper last night with SX at 11pm. So I'm trying to have a healthier breakfast this morning.So far I've had.. - an apple- 7 almonds- 3 walnuts- 1 cup of milo& I'm still damn hungry now.. 😱 lunch is still 1 more hour away.. fml. I'm gonna have something with rice later cause I'm so hungryyyy.Also, I miss eating salmon sashimi & runny eggs. I'm going Japan next month and I'm so sad that I can't eat my favorite onsen egg & sashimi

My shitty nightmare

I've always had a wild imagination and my dreams are always crazy but yesterday I had 1 of the scariest nightmares I've ever had and I woke up sobbing uncontrollably.So a short back story - last weekend was Tricia's bachelorette party and she booked for us rooms at Shangri-la, on Sunday we all woke up for the breakfast buffet at The Line and went back to our rooms at 11am to take a nap before checking out at 2pm.I was sharing a room with Eve, Jayne & Esther.

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A hungry monster

Omg, why every night this timing I'll be damn hungry?😱

July 2017

My only outlet

Can I get to the part where I feel better already?I'm so sick and tired of feeling sick.& to make it worse, my sciatic pain is no joke. Yesterday night I was trying to get out of bed to drink my bird's nest and as I was getting up I felt an intense sharp. The pain was so bad that I shouted and just froze and hurry lied back down. I couldn't move for the next 10 mins & when SX came into the bedroom, I explained to him I may have aggravated the sciatic nerve when trying to get out of bed..

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