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December 2018

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Recently Ellard likes to seek attention by cryinggggg. If i walk past him without carrying him, he will unleash his 3 hit crying combo and then broke into tears. And is really got tears rolling down his face that kind! As if his heart is broken into a million pieces hahahahaa sometimes he will also incorporate screaming into his cries! That happens usually when he is frustrated +hungry! Haha but i find it very adorable (still).

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And so we bought ellard to see the ENT specialist for the ear infection which is not getting any better. Dr said a large piece of skin has been scratched off and antiobiotics have to be taken to prevent further damage to the cartilages, which may cause the ear to be deformed for worst cases.... wah lao.. Since we were there, Dr also recommended us to do a food allergy test on him since some areas of his skin has stubborn rough patches.

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Carry me mommy!!!

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Wish im at sahm to watch this little one growwww😘

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