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updated 6 months ago

Aiyo this boy looks so grown up le! Too fast!
He has developed many new tricks recently and become morr vocal now! Currently he has 2 little teeth at the bottom, 2 mild protuding teeth next to the 门牙, and the 2 门牙 are also slowly making their way out through the gums!

Heh this boy's fart and poo stinks, really badly now..
And no, he still cant crawl yet! Haha. Im perfectly fine though. Buys me more time from going after him.

I have gave serious thoughts with regards to my work arrangement!

And i will speak with my manager to see if the new arrangement works. Right now at this stage,
i have grown too attached to him (instead of the other way round haha!) And it really pains me to leave him for a full day work every morning.

Work can wait, money can be earned back. But time cannot, right?!

New achievement unlocked! Nursing under the cold weather at 淡水! One of my fav place in taipei. 😅

So manja with papa. But actually its becos he is due for his morning nap lah!

Rawrrrr this has gotta be our fav photo, ever!!! Too cuteeee

Day 14

Monday, 14 Jan 2019

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caseret (avatar)

caseret Yes, time with family is definitely more important!

6 months ago

leyley (avatar)

leyley @caseret 😊😊😊

6 months ago

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