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June 2018

It just feel so good to be wanted and cherished by people.

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"Backstabbed", its really good that people tell your about your bad points in your face so that you can accept it, learn and grow. But no its not cool where everyone just team up against you infront of your bosses. It disgust me. People dont uds and i dont think i need to explain and i dont bother to, such insignificant people. Only to those who matters thanks for standing by me. My family my yenyen ♡♡♡♡^^^^ thanks for loving me my heart never felt more warm with all the love yall gave hehe

"Sick and tired" Never felt so restless and disappointed with anything b4. I just merely asked for a half day and i wasnt given. What about all the efforts i put in? I dont wanna count the penny but situation like this, i cant bring myself to put in my all anymore.

May 2018

My heart felt super full and i couldnt be more thankful for you coming into my life ♡

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What a lousy feeling from being pulled out from the NDP ensign team due to weakness to not getting marksman during atp(MY ENTIRE LIFE). Feels like a good for nth and when it comes to me no matter people pin how much hope and faith all they get in return is disappointment. So unlucky for everyone who have me in their life. Esp you:(( but on my hand i felt super lucky to have you in my life. Thank you♡

"What a good relationship" a type of care and concern i've never felt before in my entire previous rs."Is this how a rs work?" or"is he just being way too nice?" Im so thankful to have someone who is willing to put in this amt of effort ib this rs. Idk abt next time but now we're good, i'm good♡

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