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lusting over lipstick & lasagna

May 2019

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JB EATS - a first timer's perspective

Believe it or not, this was my first (conscious) visit to JB.I may or may not have been there as a kid but my memories are hazy and those don't count.Here's what I ate over a span of 3 days and 2 nights:

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PM skincare routine (Fungal Acne talk 2)

Let’s move on to the PM routine.Malassezia's breedin' in this heat.

April 2019

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AM skincare routine (Fungal Acne talk 1)

FINALLY finally finally. Let me get down to business and give you a #fungalacne update.First mention of fungal acne, along with a condensed, simplified version of simpleskincarescience's iconic blog post here at @lebatasirhc:210118My 2019 skincare routine still uses a majority of the products from my 2018 routine, which can be found here 👇🏻2018 AM routine: @lebatasirhc:0905182018 PM routine: @lebatasirhc:190518

I think I'll be able to do a skincare + fungal acne update reallllll soon.

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🍴2: Fat Belly + DeeTongueThaiRungMama + Legendary HK & more

Ok this is uh a continuation of the previous food post. Waiting for Dayre 2.0's pricing details to be released. Till then, more food!!!!

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