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surviving motherhood

April 2019

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that balance and peace post-motherhood


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oh hi~my boy really needs a haircut but the mother damn kiam and has phobia holding him during the haircutas per my usual style, i will hold out until we cannot anymore then brave the haircut lol

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3.26am, awake on Dayre in the toilet loli really wish my brain isn’t sick like thisit’s just a trivial little thing and not such a big deal reallybut i got quite affected by itwhat’s new 🙄god, even i hate myself

March 2019

you know what? screw everybody and ‘I’ matter

i went to bed last night and thought to myself

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why do i feel like i’m constantly hungry?!is my body trying to make up for the food it lost in the past 2 months or it’s just my period coming? 😂

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