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March 2019

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!!Dragged myself to work. Was hoping my husband at least left me a message to wish me a happy birthday.It's OK. Chants, no expectations, no expectations.THERE is still a few more hours and the weekend.Even though I didn't ask for anything, my spirits are down this morning. CAUSE SIS HAVE TO GO TO WORK. Not that I have any plans if I took the day off.

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One day to my birthday.Not excited at all.Told my friends that all I wish for is my ic to be approved. Hahaha. Took so long and so choosy with a proper photo. Doesn't help that I don't feel at all pretty!The week at work has been draggy. I cannot deal with slow days at work. I cannot deal with constantly having to report what I do at work.It's exhausting.

February 2019

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I am currently stressed out about work and the teenager.But before I forget I should probably record this somewhere..

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January 2019

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Hi all!!!Been soo distracted recently. It all started with ONE YouTube video.And now I am SUCKED into it.I am officially an addict.I don't usually watch YouTube cause it drains data. I have a lot of gigs left and decided to watch my current favourite YouTuber - The Try Guys.Then buzzfeed gaming suggested a video. But they put up weekly. Which sucks cause I am so into it.Went to look around for similar videos andBOOM DISTRACTION.

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