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June 2019

Sometimes I wonder what have I gotten myself into.. am I really ready to be a mother?

May 2019

How to prepare yourself for baby?Do u guys have any recommendations of any books or TV show that I can read/watch to learn more about babies?First time mum here.. I feel like I'm totally clueless. Don't even know what to buy yet. Hahahahaha.Jialat liao.#dayrepregnancy

Finally got back my nipt result!Low risk and its a girl!!!!!!!!!! I'm so bloody relieved. Thank god!!!Oscar test is shit. These few days of worrying and crying is really full of shit.

I'm so devastated.I failed my Oscar test for T21 where as my ultrasounds are perfectly normal with nasal bone present and neck thickness normal.Why did I become high risk for down syndrome??Went got nipt test next.. Its a very long wait for 10 working days. And I cannot stop crying on this.Baby, please be fine and healthy.#dayrepregnancy

March 2019

Why it seems like pregnancy symptoms like gone.No sore boobs. No nausea. No nth.Just on and off cramps.Terrified while waiting for my first gynae visit.Please be okay, baby...This is nerve wrecking.

Now that I'm pregnant and waiting for the first gynae visit.I can't help but to think about what's going to happen. Both my husband and I are full time working adults. Seems like infant care is the only option. But the thing is.. I heard that it is difficult to get a spot in punggol area. The infant care waiting lists are insane. So how leh.. 😕 how do we even go about registering? Is it must visit the infant care personally and register?

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