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July 2019

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My cute 👧 time flies coming to 10 months soon

May 2019

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8.5 months. How time flies!! Training her to bottlefeed herself.Talking about fengshui. I went to my family master when we move new 🏠 which is back at Y2012, at that time we already been trying for 3 years but no avail so we engaged my fs master came down for site audit.At our new house, fs master said not a good place to stay cos facing Bukit Timah hill from our place (dunno why). Main door facing kitchen (also no good!) in the end buy lots of fs stuffs,

March 2019

  • post thumbnail ECDA have additional subsidies for non-working mum with infant. This ease lots of financial burden for SAHM. Mavis is photographic in the photo 😍I look 👀 so fat😅At least Oscar school fee subsidies lots for the time being.

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CD2 today. Period 1st time arrive since I had given birth on sept’18. Thought I can have a period free since I’m breastfeeding right now. Come unexpectedly.Hubby mention that we can start trying after my period finish. #ttc Hoping that I can conceive and give birth before my 40yo birthday. Omg, my Watson ovulation kit I have given away to my ttc mates thinking that I am closing shop. Now have to buy again after menses finish.

February 2019

Today hubby mention that we still have one frozen embryo at NUH, maybe in Y2020 going for no.3 when no.2 is one year old? I m thinking 🤔 if finances permits a not as I’m SAHM.... think so far.... then hor leave the embryo in the storage like accumulated lots of storage fees as it had been 1 year since the fresh cycle. Up till to-date we still haven’t renew any storage fee🤭想太多了,还是到了時侯再说。

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