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~•BALI DAY 3•~

We started our day really bright & early!! As the driver was there to pick us up at 7. But there was no need to be so early lah. But I guess just for precaution, in case traffic jam or wtv cos we boat will leave by 8am!

Hehehe rafiq made breakfast!! We got eggs from the connivence store! & our airbnb came with stoves, utensils and all so it was pretty easy for us to whip smth up!

We arrived at about 7.30 & our driver helped us settle in. We had to wait a good 30 mins before boarding the boat! As the only way to Nusa Penida is by boat. Just 1 hr!! & don’t fancy any boarding area or whatever, you have to walk down to the beach area, into the water(around knee height) before reaching the boat!! & u had to take off ur slippers 😣

The bois on the boat 😂😂 these two are MEANT to be. Went to the same secondary school. Supposed to be in the same medic course. I think rafiq was suppose to be his buddy. But rafiq met with an accident & had to down PES. But met again!!!! At the last camp. Meant to be I tell you. Cannot separate.

I paid about 2,6500,000rupiah for 4 persons!! Inclusive of driver from my airbnb, boat tickets & driver on the island itself! Upon arrival, we met with our driver & then our journey started from there. From the boat docking area to the first beach, it was a good 40 mins.

Upon arrival!! Such beautiful waters 🥰

Upon arrival, the locals will ask if u wna rent a bike!! Haven’t heard anyone offering their tours/Drivers but I assume someone will definitely offer their services.

I wouldn’t recommend taking the bike lah. It’s undeveloped(the beauty of it actually). But it was hella bumpy!! Even bumpier than my face ok. I’ll show you

For a good 20mins we were head banging cos of the bumpy roads. Hahah. So imagine you’re travelling on a bike on this sort of road!! Wah end of the day surely cannot feel ur backside alr

After a good 40 mins we reached angel’s billabong!!! It was gawgeusssssssss!! Sun was sweltering, but it’s ok. The views is to die for 🥰🥰 Abit hard to walk cos the stones are quite sharp. I got cut on the back of my foot cos I’m rly kancheong & lost my footing hahaha

Nature 1
KT 0

Also.. how to people sit on the stones?!?!? V pain leh!!! Wtf. Cannot

Don’t be fooled by the smile!! Actually backside v pain cos kena poke

And then we moved on to broken beach! It was like a good 10 mins walk? Side to side only ~~

I was wearing sleeveless & shorts ok?!?!! How do people wear so chio & come to the island and not sweat like mad


A good 20 mins drive & we arrived @ Kelingking beach!! This one is truly the beauty 😍😍😍

There was a small area that u can sit & dangle ur legs for photo taking but mmmm sis ain’t got no balls for that ya.

There were stairs that u could climb down!! But errrr its really steep? Like climbing back up, you gotta be on all fours. Sis alrdy cannot stand properly. What more be on all fours?? Medevac me outta here if I ever try

My $16 hat from decathlon. 💯 no regrets. Served the purpose.


see my shots so nice!!


This one not bad also

Ok la can

Then we had lunch! At some place. With was filled with irritating houseflies. Wah I cannot. 😰 fucking annoying!! And we drowned a few of them in our drinks.

Then we headed to crystal Bay for Swimming!! And errr was charged 100,000 rupiah for a fucking bench. Aiya give you la wtv

And then about 4+, we headed back to the jetty area.. 1 hr trip back!

Shopped around seminyak sq!! And had dinnerrerrrr

Had dinner @ Johnny rocket!! Not bad! 4/5!


Friends being weird again

Headed back to the villa. Even though we were all pooped, we managed to spend a good 1.5 hours in the pool playing stupid games. But it was so fun and random!! Hahaha.

Das the end of day 2!!

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Sunday, 16 Dec 2018

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