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Last Friday this timing... I was in #bali 😭😭 #dayretravel

We took a bike & explored!! F45 is the first stop! 😛😛

Nobody needs to know that I can’t see shit cos I’m blind as fuck

Then we went to kynd community!! It was gorgeous!! Everywhere is pink!! 🥰


Smoothie bowls!!! It taste sah gUuUud

Everything @ kynd is plant based. I loved it! Even Rafiq!!!! For a huge meat eater, it didn’t taste like plant based at all!! Tasted like meat. Salivating as I type this

It was soOoOo instaworthy

Rode around & popped by a nearby beach! Sadly, the beach isn’t as clean as I’d thought it would be. Sobs. But the sand was burning my feet though!! But it’s all good.

I’m the kind that hates the sun cos I perspire vvvvv easily. But this trip I decided to fk it & embrace the sun & sweat 😂

Our villa comes with a pool!! It isn’t anything fancy. But I loved it. The villa was well equipped with the things I needed, owner’s hospitality was TOP notch & he was really attentive. I loved it. Loved every moment that I stayed here 😭😭

The weather was sweltering hot!! So checked into our airbnb & we went for a dip!!! Hehe. Played some stupid games to entertain ourselves and that took like a good 1-2 hours :’)

Then we rode off to Cabina for dinner!!

Decent pricing!

Really gorgeous place!! The best part is that we were the only customers? I don’t rly get it though. It was dinner time! We thought people would come in & patronise but there was.. no one?

Ahhhhhh so beautiful!! I realised that Bali has a lot of cafes that are beautifully designed

Pretentious shot.... but also! Cabina had a pool!

Oops this burger had bacon so rafiq couldn’t have it so it’s mineeeeeeee!!! And it was so good. Patty was so juicy!! Ugh

The second day!! 8th Dec


Hehehe conquered!!! Don’t let this photo fool you. 😛😛😛

And then our friends arrived!!!!

Weird friends.....

Showered changed & everything, we moved off to have lunch!!
Agenda: 1. Lunch. 2. Watersports!! 3. Kuta 4. Dinner!! 5. Back home!!! But errrr things don’t always go as planned right?

Lunch @ Motel Mexicola 😍

Ambiance: 4/5!!! I think it would’ve looked better at night!
Food: 3.5/5!! It’s okay.. quite a variety of food.. there’s a bar too! We ordered tacos & the boys got something from the menu called “feed me”. So it was 6 items from starters, appetisers.. main course deserts! Not bad.
Service: 5/5!! Our waiter was so nice & patient. He even explained everything on the menu for us. Love!!

The entrance to Motel Mexicola!! We rode here & we had an issue with finding the place! In the end we just went against the traffic and rode into a one way lane to reach here 😂



Hahaha epok epok 😛

Churros!! Ok only lah. I don’t rly like sweet things.

The fehmes motel mexicola backdrop


After lunch... we rode off to Nusa Dua!! That was the only place that had watersports. Our host recommended BMR watersports as one of his childhood Friend was working there. It was about.. 45 mins from seminyak? Quite an adventure to ride there though! Hehe.

Halfway through, Aqil ran out of petrol 😂😂 I didn’t rly get any videos while riding there cos I had to navigate the map.. erm and I’m not quite good at it anyway. LOL.
Luckily the area where the bike died, on the opposite road they sold petrol in a glass bottle! Heng ah. If not rly dk where to get petrol since we were in foreign land.

Some beautiful trees we made a U-turn for while en route to Nusa Dua!!

Childish Friend

We did banana boat(which was errrrr meh? Not even exciting at all.) I think ride bike also more thrilling????

They have this kinda petrol kiosk along the road side!!

After Nusa Dua, our initial plans was to head to Kuta!! But hehe while heading back, there were ripcurl outlet stores, surf outlet stores & we couldn’t give it a miss. So we shopped until we couldn’t make it to Kuta 😭

Dinner & Sambal shrimp!

Whenever we ride to a shopping area, we’d pass by this placed called sambal shrimp! We really didn’t have any idea what to have for dinner. I suggested, we googled & it had alot of good reviews! So we went ahead with settling our dinner @ sambal shrimp.

It’s on the second level and the ambiance was quite nice!! Think dark with candles. Quite romantic. Not bad. We were seated outside & we had a portable aircon that was facing us.

The boys were rly hungry so they needed rice! According to the boys, the prawns were solid. Really juicy and sweet.

Sambal prawns!!!!! Abit small... but the flavour though!! 💯💯💯

Squid! Spicy & chewy!! Loved it.

Curry fries?

Boiled black pepper prawn!! This was so good! So much meat inside 🥰

!!!!!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 would recommend coming to sambal shrimp!!!! The total for each person was about 30+? WORTH IT!!!

Day 348

Friday, 14 Dec 2018

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shlushhy (avatar)

shlushhy So bali or phuket? :)

4 months ago

kxitingk (avatar)

kxitingk @shlushhy I need another 1 month in Bali. Now that I think of it hor.. Bangkok people rly v rude compared to people in Bali

4 months ago

leediazxc (avatar)

leediazxc Hi! I’m going to Bali next month!!!! May I know the name of the beach that has the double swing? Thanks 🙏🏻

4 months ago

kxitingk (avatar)

kxitingk @leediazxc it’s petinget beach!! :)

4 months ago

shlushhy (avatar)


4 months ago

felisee (avatar)

felisee Hi! May I know which villa u stayed at? :)

4 months ago

kxitingk (avatar)

kxitingk @felisee paras villa 2BR PRIVATE pool seminyak :) try finding on Airbnb! If cannot, lemme know! Telegram u the link

4 months ago

felisee (avatar)

felisee Thanks :))

4 months ago

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