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October 2017

September 2017

My mum went through her first chemo today. And I can't help but realise what a strong woman our moms can be. They love, dote & do things for us unconditionally. There is absolutely nth greater than your mother's love.

August 2017

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Heheh. This was bkk day 1.

July 2017

let's talk about mental health

I think what made my want to write about this post was the suicide of Chester Bennington. I'm not a hardcore fan of Linkin Park but I'm pretty sure we've heard their music a few times in our lives.. it's sad because he left behind 6 kids.. and his Wife.

May 2017

Long rant ahead

I am going to touch on a certain issue which I find upsetting these days and I think it's a little sensitive to put it out there lah. But I just feel like we're so jaded and self entitled these days I cannot. We get so fucking butthurt when someone makes a comment and a lot of us cannot take a healthy debate.

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At 24 I am thankful... Am thankful that I am alive. Am thankful that I have my parents, still. Am thankful that I am almost completing my diploma. Am thankful that I have a bunch of friends that would have my back, no matter what happens. Am thankful that through the toughest of times in my life, I made it. I survived. Am thankful that Everyday I am loved, and loved in return. Just thankful. That I've got what I have.

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