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June 2019

some people are so lucky that they’ve found their forever person. some of us.. not so much. while we sit on our beds and sob our hearts out and ask why us, why me why this and why that. my heart feels like it’s been ripped out of my goddamn chest & it gets so hard to breathe sometimes.

today i am struggling more than i’d like to. the thoughts won’t stop. i can’t help but feel like a fucking wreck. this is too much to bear. i don’t want to do this, please.

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being in touch with your feelings is a funny thing.. some days u want to avoid.. some days it hits u like a train.. but i choose to face it head on.. because if i don’t.. i’ll never heal. so God, help me heal. help me get through this.

today you apologised after praying. you apologised for breaking me. that’s all that matters. thank you for fixing things. i wouldn’t want it any other way. here’s to new beginnings. ❤️

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