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Hi ! The past few weeks was busy for me while preparing a surprise event for my baby. I know she has been waiting for this moment sometime back ever since she knew I had bought the proposal ring. So since she knew it, I mention to her there won't be any special date to do it and it will be better for her to be ready at all times and dress up nicest at all times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This was the ring bought from Lee Hwa Jewelry. It's reasonable price and elegant too.

This was a good opportunity to propose during the staycation at Marina Mandarin but I didn't. Haha

Another good opportunity and ideal reason to propose to her during her bday staycation at St. Regis but again I didn't. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

And lastly this was also a very good place for proposal becos it is where we first met and seated on this exact same spot. Alas, too many ppl around and we both agree before that shouldn't propose in crowded places as it can be quite attention seeking thingy. I afraid she might reject me on the spot becos of paiseh. Hahaha !! In fact on that day I purposely tease her I was going to propose to her at this seat by taking something out of my pocket, she did fall for my trick. LOL, sorry baby.

So the proposal ideas and thoughts did went through my mind and I share a few of them with @tebisha to get some reaction from her since I wasn't going to use those ideas. After sort of knowing her style and pattern, I go with my gut feeling which is FLOWERs ! I knew a place with many flowers display which is my Sis-in-law studio office #ektory. She does wedding events / proposal / paper floral design / corporate events too. Plus easier to arrange and got staff to help take photos / videos.

Those moments of preparation started somewhere a month before actual proposal day. Did some research and discussion with my colleagues and finalize on some wow effects like lightingπŸ’‘, music πŸ“», and dry ice 🍦. I could only text my Sis-in-law, she's call Dawn by the way, during my working office hour and before I reach home, I had to delete my text messages and inform her don't contact me since I'm staying with gf.

I could only go down to Dawn office during my off days to discuss. Which my gf usually assume I'm at home always dota-ing. Haha. Anyway I got those fairies copper lights x 16 of them with individual controller and connect them up, so that I can power on them with 1 controller. Bring them down to my workplace to do soldering with the help of my colleagues too. Lol ! Also, researching of dry ice, how to store them, where to buy and find the Styrofoam are some works to be done. Music editing too.

That's Dawn and the bunny sitting beside her is my GF for rehearsing just 1 day before proposal day. Lol. This setup wasn't ready at that time which really panic me but she assure me they will get it done no matter what.

That's me walking in slowly with the effect light up. In case u guys wonder how to get that LED effect on the floor, I will share it later.

And the moment I have been waiting for..

This is the LED for the floor effect which suppose to light up the dry ice smoke to give a heavenly feel. Cost $30 buck only. I bought 2 of them.

There are some nerve breaking moments which really sweat me out just 1 days (fri) before proposal. Like she mention to me suddenly recall there's a event she has to slot in at 5 pm on Sat. I had initially plan it to be late evening around 5-6 pm start. And had mention sat would be our paktor date since the last few weekend I have been working. In the end I let her go and give a excuse I will wait for her at Dawn place helping them packing as they are in the mist of moving to new office.

So I'm all set and ready for her arrival and get the camera rolling once she reach. With Dawn help, manage to distract her by chatting on wedding stuff, and serve her tea knowing she like tea very much. I won't be posting the actual footage on the proposal so u guys can watch it on AD. Haha.

Entrance of the main lead , she didn't realize the camera has already started rolling.

Look at our natural acting and the tea that helps her to settle down. Haha

After proposal, sharing some of the photo taking session photos. Full setup when every effects in wow mode ^^

Heavenly feel~~

Will you marry me ?

Photo montage behind us, with some line sticker we commonly use too. Haha

Got to say there's some hiccup during the proposal, wasn't going to be smooth as I had figure. Haha. Like flipping upside down the box revealing the ring on the top side, almost unbalance when kneeling down, and forgetting what I wanna say in the mid of proposing. Hahaha ! Oops. And finally she say a big YES when I pop the question.

Baby.. With this, I want you to be with me for the rest of my life.

New status : ζœͺ婚妻. She's booked !!

#dayregroom #dayrebrides #dayreproposal #sgproposal

Day 208

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016

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tebisha (avatar)

tebisha Aww baby! When you wrote this??? While I was asleep? Thanks for the memorable and beautiful proposal! Always pampered and loved by you. Looking forward to walk down the aisle with you. Love you, my fiancé πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’–

1 year ago

tebisha (avatar)

tebisha You are going to be #dayregroom soon!

1 year ago

kwangyeow (avatar)

kwangyeow Last night when u fall asleep and I started this post operation. 😊😊😘😘 though my hand hurts a bit from holding it high while resting on bed. Took a couple of hours to write up. Slow hor, cos old man Liao. Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

hokagekira (avatar)

hokagekira congrats @kwangyeow & @tebisha! your heavenly scene looks amazing haha. at least you werent nervous wreck like me lol..

1 year ago

tebisha (avatar)

tebisha @hokagekira Thanks!! @kwangyeow need some advices from u as dayregroom πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

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