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Happiness within

November 2018

About 16 years ago u told me I cannot scratch on my bites because it will leave scars and aggravate the condition16 years later it’s my turn telling you the same again :(

still trying to work things around

October 2018

🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m just trying to do my work and go home.. not here to compete and “win” xxx or yyy just because I don’t do better than them. But if you think I’m someone you want to challenge then thanks for the compliment because I look like a threat to u and that means I’m doing better than u 😄

I’m so stressed and tired w work today but giving up is not an option

3 years ago someone told meWhatever it is it has to come from within the heart3 years later I understood

I really wanna be nice, nice yet everyone has their own definition of it..

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