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August 2019

Do people hire makeup artist for ROM at ROM place?

I've been thinking very hard on whether I should hire a makeup artist for my ROM. I just couldn't decide if I should commit more money for something so short lived, yet I feel that it still should be a special day for us?Posting a random question to the btb of the #dayrebrides community who intend to do your ROM at the ROM place!Do you intend to dress up and hire makeup artist to get your makeup and hair done? Or do you just head down in your casual outfit to just sign?

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ROM Dress?!

Is this too sexy for ROM!!!!I have been looking for clothes for my ROM at ROM place and I just couldn't decide!!!I really like this satin dress though bunny says it looks abit too sexy for ROM and it's not appropriate?!Not appropriate meh 😭

July 2019

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Bridal Head Piece 🙁

I have been scouring for my wedding head piece and earrings lately and I couldn't for godsake find anything that Bunny and I like!!! I'm really really about to give up especially on the head piece!!! I just couldn't find it on taobao/ etsy/ accessories shop I pass by in Sg.I've two very important criterias for my headpiece:It has to be seen from the front and not at the side/back and that it has to sit perfectly in front of a hump.

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I'm just back from Japan with Bunny yesterday and today I'm heading to bluebay to rechoose my gowns for our pws cuz the gowns I previously chose look a tad boring in photos on second thought -they look really pretty in real life tho- Mmm

June 2019

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The Rings

For an eternity, perhaps since my very first boyfriend 10/11 years ago, I knew that I never wanted a diamond ring. The practicality in me wouldn't allow my bf to splurge on a valueless item like that. I ache for him because I love him, even if it's just a few k.I was brought up in an environment when everything was always scarce, my family had to scrimp and save to get by in my younger days.

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